Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Importance of Hands..

Many long years ago.. i learned my first lesson of the importance of hands (or touch). My husband at the time was in hospital recovering from surgery for bone cancer - he was in an un-imaginable amount of pain. The nurses suggested that when i visited him that i stroke him.. touch him softly .. caress him. It was to help his brain process touch as something different from pain.

Those memories came back to me last evening as i was bent over the chair and Sir was using the whip on me. It hurt - it hurt bad (some days it just hurts !! we have all discussed that fact ad nauseam) After awhile i felt Sir's hand on my back - caressing, touching, focusing me. It wasn't all about pain in some void.. Sir was there too, holding me.. taking me to the edge... encouraging me to take that one step over.........

And then... i felt Sir's hand - firm ... very firm - pressing down on the small of my back. Then the crop started to fall over and over against my ass... nothing sensual about it all !! It was hard - it was hurting and Sir's hand was now holding me down.. not letting me wiggle about - wiggle around - wiggle away. His hand felt - in a strange sort of way - reassuring. As much as it was holding me still so that He could inflict mind blowing pain on my ass and thighs.. it was reassuring to know that i did not have to force myself to hold still.. Sir was doing it for me.. and pushing me even harder over that edge !!! And i did.. step confidently over the edge.. even though my teeth were still set on edge from the pain.. even though it felt hard .... and fast... i stepped over the edge.........


It was because of Sir's Hands.

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swan said...

How many times have I come to the place in session where I have begged for Him to "not leave me!" It is never that I believe He will literally leave me, but only that in that desperate moment where I am struggling to maintain the discipline of staying in place, the security and reassurance of His touch is absolutely everything for me. If, in that instant, He walks away, or withdraws the contact, it can feel as if the entire world has dropped away. There is something so utterly calming in that touch, and you have captured it perfectly.


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