Wednesday, January 23, 2008

attention seekers..

In my job i see all sorts of attention seekers - from the parents to the kids.. clammering for attention.. good attention .. negative attention .. it doesn't seem to matter.. as long as they get attention.

i find it interesting how many attention seekers don't ever grow out of that stage.. even on line... there are blogs that are always having "dramas" .. there are blogs that are always having troubles with commentors...always problems.. always a drama or two...

And then .. as you all know .. Sir and i are hitting the 'dating' services again looking for a new slave boy or girl to fill out our family. i decided to avoid at all costs the chat rooms......... i have quite enough on my plate thank you very much .. i don't need to spend hours in a chat room watching all the attention seekers acting out.......... But in the dating services.. most contact is done by emails or messages.. (sometimes i like to think of them as messages in a bottle) ....... Those are important to me... they show me a number of qualities that i personally am looking for in a slave boy or girl........

1) they must be literate.. i don't spend too much time on someone who cannot read Our profile...... they must be able to spin together a sentence or two that makes sense .. without too many typos or grammatical errors (the only exception to that rule .. would be someone who is writing in a second language)
2) they must be able to answer our questions - stay on task - answer succinctly and promptly....... don't bend twist or mutilate the question to fit what you want.... answer the damn question at hand !!
3) their submissiveness must come through in their writing....... i don't mind a little joking around.. a little teasing.......... but if the teasing / joking becomes the main theme you can bet i am moving on......... i want to feel their seriousness in their words.

See this lifestyle is not a joke to Sir or i.... it is not a game. Oh that is not to say that we don't joke around and have fun.......... we do!!! and who can be more of a brat than me??? but i think i know when to be a brat and when to be a kneeling quivering submissive.

That is very important........ and for me.. when i have been looking for a new Master ..... i keep most of the devilishness tucked away...... i don't think that being a brat impresses too many Dominants looking for a serious BDSM relationship. i am not an attention seeker..... and i do not seek attention seekers..
Sir and i want someone who knows their place and is happy in it....... We don't want to see your pink jiggly bits .. we don't want to see you wiggle your ass.. we don't even want to see your ASS just yet .. thank you very much!!!

My days are filled with attention seeking.. acting out.. children.. when it comes to my personal life.. to my BDSM life i want a slave who knows his place and doesn't demand attention........ a bit like a good partner.. someone who sees what needs to be done and gets it done !!! That in my opinion will win my attention.. win my praise.. and earn lots and lots of spanking points !!!


drakor66 said...

The joys of searching good luck.

Buffalo said...

I'd leave a comment 'cept I have a "man cold."

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