Saturday, December 22, 2007


For the most part teachers (especially teachers of little ones) hate zippers.. they get stuck .. they break.. they just plain won't go up......... we break more nails, lose more patience, and get more headaches from plain old fashioned zippers.......

But i was introduced last night to a completely different sort of zipper..... a clothes peg zipper. What, you might well ask, is a clothes peg zipper?? Let me describe it for you........ it is simple.. as simple as the real deal really...... you take one string and a handful of clothes pegs and you fasten clothes pegs to string.. then you fasten clothes pegs attached to the string to a subbie's more sensitive parts........ and then .. when everything is just right.... and the subbie is just about peeing their pants (if they had any on that is ) the Dominant takes an end of that string and pulls.......... and each of the clothes pegs pops off.. one at a time.. quickly..... ( did i say quickly??? !!!)

i had found these very cute Christmas clothes pegs .. complete with red string .. at the dollar store a few weeks ago.. i decided in a mad moment of Christmas spirit .. to buy these clothes pegs for Sir.. for Christmas.. as part of His kinky Christmas gift pack.

However .. i decided to give them to Him last evening.. a sort of.. "Let's start the season off right " kind of gift......

The real purpose of these clothes pegs on red string .. is... for normal folk.. Christmasy hang their Christmas cards on........ nice touch don't you think?? Well after dinner ........... Sir collected all the Christmas cards that we have received.. He attached one end of the string to one nipple....... and wellllll.... why don't you pop over to His blog and see for yourselves.........

To be honest i was breathing a huge sigh of relief that that was the best (worst??) thing Sir could come up...... (i was NOT going to suggest any other alternative .. trust me!!) After the photo op........ Sir removed the string from my stretched nipple .. and then decided to up the ante a tad.

The clothes pegs were attached to my breasts - 3 per side - for a total of 12 pegs. Then Sir got this gleeful evil look on His face and He picked up the end of the nice red string and pulled it taut. He then picked up the camera and got it loaded and focused and ready to "rock and roll" and He pulled. And the pegs come popping off... and when the last one popped off my breast i quite literally went down on all fours on the floor ........ gasping and laughing .. (yes laughing.. mostly cause i couldn't believe Sir had actually done it !!! )

i have to report .. i am no longer a zipper virgin........... and will never ever EVER complain again about zippers that won't go up.. or get stuck... or break, at school again!!!

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Raheretic said...

Morningstar, the first time I encountered a "zipper", I was attending my first ever play party many years ago. There was a married couple there who were both switches. That evening her husband was bottoming, and his wife had him tied to a pillar with his arms fully extendeded above his head. She had zippers all down both of his rib cages, his testicles, and the aurelia of his penis. The culmination of his flogging (after about a solid hour of her flogging him) was her flogging the clothes pins first off his sides and then moving to his genitals. He moaned and moved about a good bit as she flogged them from his scrotum, but I will never forget his prancing and screaming as she flooged the zipper from his penis. I'd never seen a man bottom before and I was quite amazed and a little perplexed. I was so new:)

We three have many wonderful blessings this holiday, but one of the greatest gifts we have had this holiday was the result of your recent tests. We are truly rejoicing that you are OK, or will be soon.

Thank you for your friendship and for reminding us of the expression clothes "pegs."

All the best:)


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