Saturday, December 08, 2007


We had snow this week... a lot of snow.. heaps and piles of snow.. burying the condo.. burying my poor lil reindeer.. burying the city........ white pretty snowflakes..Christmas snow flakes... making everything glitter and glow in the moon light..... a winter wonderland.. even my heart has to admit it is beautiful...

Now we all know that no two snowflakes are the same......... something which my "kiddies" have been asked to prove right or wrong every winter since i started teaching.. trudging outside with black construction paper snow flake catchers.. and magnifying glasses.... so far no two snowflakes the same have been found......

But in the collecting.. i myself.. found 3 very interesting snowflakes..




i am going to ask if you can see the "picture" in the snowflake.. identify what it is you are looking at - besides a snowflake.. can you do it?? are you up for the challenge???

leave your answers in the comment section and i will tell you the correct answers tomorrow.. in the comment section!! we don't want to ruin it for any late comers do we??

And also this morning.. because this wasn't a substantial post.. sort of a silly post.. sort of a cheater post.. sort of a filler post.. i have posted to the Photo Journal click here to be taken there some snow pictures...... for you all to enjoy !!

Tomorrow i should be back with lots of news of grandkids and decorations and maybe even a whipping or two........... mine !!! not the grand kids !!!


Sir's pet said...

Number 2 - bound wrists
Number 3 = ejaculating penis
Number 1 = ?? i can see it as a vagina or as a bum in the air...but i'm just not sure.

we're finally getting snow here in CO--the mountains are finally getting a heavy dump of snow--over 2 feet in the last 2 days or so. More to come! YIPPEE! Skiing at last.

Glad to see that your spirits have improved some--Grinch is a short-lived trait i think. Maybe that whipping or two just might banish him for the rest of the holidays. Or maybe thinking and talking about the grandkids?

Enjoy your weekend. Sir's pet

Reflections and Ruminations said...

Ok. I got bound wrists for #2. Ejaculating penises for #3.

But #1. I don't get it. I tried...buttski in the air. A Master standing on his slave's shoulders. I'm really stretching here.

Nuttin. I got nuttin.

I'm glad someone's getting snow. It really makes it feel like Christmas, but we really don't get snow.


Buffalo said...

I hate snowflakes so I didn't look at them.

Question. How do you know each snowflake is different from all the others? No one has examined every flake that has fallen.

Anonymous said...

This is my take on the snowflakes
no#1 says BDSM
no#2 are arms bound
no#3 are ejaculating penis
Maybe its the snow or lack of play but I am going to go outside and look for more


Anonymous said...

i see the same as tyyger...

#1 bdsm
#2 bound wrists
#3 ejaculating penis's

lol... that was fun! we have snow here too! decorations are all up inside and outside.. yea! i love this time of year! Merry Christmas! hugs, Hisflower

Sir's pet said...

guess i was trying too hard to see a kinky picture...but once tyyger and Hisflower pointed it out, i saw it. Thanks you two.

littleone said...

tyyger and His pet have all 3 right!! well done!!

If you study the first snowflake carefully.. starting at the center.. you will see a circle of "B's"
moving out one line there is another circle of "D's" this time.. then one more line and you have "S's" with an "M" as the finishing touch on the border..

yes indeed.. the first snowflake spells BDSM........

i am glad everyone enjoyed the challenge..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

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