Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Selfish Prig

Sometimes i can be a selfish prig.. i can !! The problem is i get so little time with Sir alone.. without work.. without family... without outside responsibilities...and i wanted to spend a day .. an entire day flogged and fucked.. and sore and marked (ok ok forget the marking - it just doesn't happen) .... but enough of the excuses !!!

Let me show you what happened in the session Sir gave me on Christmas morning..

First i have to say i was VERY disappointed in the nipple suction thingy..... it just didn't do what i expected it to ....... and though Sir hasn't tried it on my clit yet.. we both have some hesitation due to my clit jewelry.. i don't think it will get any better.. Anyone got any suggestions what we did wrong?? or are they all about the same.. big build up with little follow through???

Anyway....... the seagrass flogger was soaked in hot water according to Sir's instructions....... each flail was braided so nicely......... you can see in this picture what the flails looked like BEFORE the session.. (well one of the flails anyway... we really should have taken pictures first.. but who know??)

After the session - truthfully i have no idea how long it lasted.. i was most definitely off playing with the Christmas fairies by then.......... the flogger looked like this...........

As you can see from the picture.. most of the flails have unraveled.. partially or completely. Sir has sent off an email to the company who makes these punishment floggers to ask if this is to be expected ....... (it certainly wasn't expected at our end!!!)

Now .. if my ass could do that to the flogger.. i am guessing i had an excellent session.. if only i could remember................


Sir said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh to be twenty years old again....

Owner of morningstar

starla said...

hi morningstar.
This flogger is not suppose to do that. If the company you bought it from wont fix it, send it to us we can fix it for you ..and it wont be the first time we have fixed other companies stuff. drop me an email from there if you need us to fix it for you.
No charge either.
Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm sad that the nipple pump didn't do the work... Being more than curious about those, I would have love to read how wonderful it was...;-(

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