Friday, July 27, 2007

And now for something a little bit different........

ok ok .. it is enough now.. all this introspection is not good for the morale of the troops...... so today i am gonna bounce all over the place and talk about some fun stuff..

like my garden....(But first a question) why is it people call their garden blogs "garden porn"

In case you haven't figured it out yet.. i love my gardens (small though they are) and surround myself with as much colour as i can possibly have in my secret garden....... i was up almost with the sun this morning.. (not quite but close enough) and wanted to take pictures of my 'lil darlings' in the early morning sun...... now i know Sir will say this picture is way too dark...... but can i claim artistic license on it??? huh huh can i ??

Now see what happens when the sun is shining down ...... the colours don't come out true.. at least i don't think so...........

now just a little word on why these plain ordinary every day geraniums are my pride and joy........ i didn't kill them! simple as that. i brought them in last winter and nursed them to the best of my ability up here in the office all winter long.. replanted the sickly things in the spring and threw them outside.. vowing i could always buy new ones if they died.. and look at them.. both these in the metal container and the ones in the picture above..
all nursed through the winter and making me proud this summer !!!!!

Now this poor sickly looking bush is in actual fact a "Sharon's rose" but unfortunately i am impetuous and decided to transplant the poor thing in the heat of July....... it is barely hanging on for me.. despite my best nursing care...... i don't expect it will flower this year.. but hopefully it will survive both the mid summer transplant and the winter and NEXT summer it will be a mass of blooms!!! (lesson noted.. no transplanting .. even with lots of water .. in the heat of July!!)

Now .. way back when .. when i first moved in here.. there was (and still is) a rustic fence by my front walkway..... i had visions of black-eyed susans against the backdrop of this rustic fence (which is a polite way of saying rickety ole thing) ....... i bought two rather small sickly plants and plopped them in....... this year has to be the best showing!!!

It fascinates me how the buds struggle to open... it makes me think of giving birth (don't ask me why.. it just does!!) Each petal slowly opens to revel the beauty of the flower..

And on that bright note.... i will move along to the daily chores.. busy weekend coming up.... family barbeque tomorrow (so you KNOW it is going to rain!!) and a special day come Sunday - more on that later...........


drakor66 said...

enjoy your weekend

Buffalo said...

You are certainly up early.

Anonymous said...

"why is it people call their garden blogs "garden porn"

I actually know this one! :D

Because people who truly love gardening, love it with passion. The feeling they get with gardening is akin to the feeling they get with good sex. And looking at pictures of other people's gardens is like looking at porn.

I swear I didn't make that up! I read it on a website that was called something like garden pornography for the green soul? It was a long time ago. I didn't get it at the time but now I do. I love gardening! And your's is wonderful. :)


Anonymous said...

I just look at plants and they die :| hehehe

But you have the touch by the looks.

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