Wednesday, June 14, 2006


i have a question...... a BIG one........

what happens when as a submissive/slave you feel you are not meeting the needs of your Sir??? what happens when the day comes that your Sir/Master needs another submissive to fulfill those needs??

i fear that day has come for me and Sir...... i was suspicious before .. but now i know... there are things i can not do for Sir.. (and by can not i do not mean hard limit - i mean physically can NOT do.........) as a good submissive i must give my Sir what it is He needs......right?? aren't i supposed to do that??

BUT what do i do while they play?? do i sit and watch .. hands folded neatly in my lap??

what do YOU do.. what did YOU do.. if this situation happened in your relationship???? there just isn't any "google" answer for this one......

and how do you keep from feeling like you have somehow failed.........


Sir said...


Just to let everyone know, you HAVEN'T failed Me..

If and that is a BIG if I was to play with another sub it would include you.

Once again, you HAVEN'T failed as a sub!!!!

Owner of you littleone

CLoud said...

I know we have had differences in the idea of a stable but tht is not a topic here what is The beleif that you have failed . That is for word most refined CRAP. You know that failure can only come when you are able to do and do not. You have gone farther than that so for the first part of your blog you are a highly thought of sub.

Wen I have played with two subs it would seem taht the intensity of the session increases when both are done at the same time at least that is what I have been told.

Another point is I think you had fun when Sir and I beat yor ass in the hotel room did you not? I know I did and Sir certainlly had a smile.

Overall time now is not to sit and say what you can't do but what have you done and still do for Sir, perhaps you might see the scales tipping more and more towards you.

I think I know a bit about physical limits to be able to say what I have

anna said...

I totally know where you're coming from. I was in that situation with my first owner several years ago. I couldn't help feeling like I wasn't enough for him or good enough or submissive enough or whatever. It's a horrible feeling - especially for submissives. We want so desperately to please and be praised (at least I do). I have no good answer for you, but I do have a hug and a supportive shoulder and ear. Anytime you want to talk or get together, feel free to call me.

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

And.. another question... when it is the Dom that can meet the sub's needs??? But doesn't want either to give release? And doesn't want to sahre with another Dom?? I know... everything is different for everyone... ;-(

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