Saturday, May 27, 2006

Window Washing

Do you remember "spring cleaning"?? My mom always had this apron she wore and her yellow rubber gloves....... i never appreciated the work it involved .. i just remember hating my part of "spring cleaning".. i had to take each book off the many shelves in our house and bang it open and closed a few times then run a duster over it.. to get the winter dust out.

This morning i took down all the curtains in the house.. and got them ready for the laundry........ i had been trying to convince myself the windows weren't all THAT dirty....... but bare windows tend to show how much dirt there really is..

i find it is good therapy to clean....... clean the real life cobwebs as well as the mental ones.... i spent a lot of time wondering how Sir was.... what He was doing.. if He was missing me (as much as i am missing Him)..... i also spent a good bit of time fighting with the cats who discovered opened windows are a wonderful escape hatch to the real world.......

In the brief time that the windows were open and bare .. the world could catch a glimpse into my lil home....... not much to see in here.. looks pretty much like anyone's house.. no whips.. no chains hanging from the rafters.. just a normal house undergoing a normal spring cleaning.......... like when my mom used to do it.. only i don't wear an apron or yellow rubber gloves........ and i don't think i will bang books either........


angel said...

For the time being my Master and I live about 1200 miles apart. I am in FL now and will get to spend more real life time with him soon, but when I leave FL I probably won't see him in real life again until December.

Going to be a long six months to get through .... lots of house cleaning for me too, plus lots of time reading the journals of others subs and slaves each day for inspiration and ideas.

I plan to move to FL next year to be closer to him though so as I house clean, I can get rid of things to prepare for my move. Master also said he plans to keep me very busy during those six months to make them go by faster.

When I'm not busy, I'll be online and yours is one of the blogs I will be checking most days to see how things are going for you and your Sir.

angel, happily collared slave to her Master, Pepe

Anonymous said...

interesting, it made me think

anna said...

I should have done spring cleaning this weekend, but just couldn't with the arrival of the new puppy. Hopefully (ugh) next weekend.

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