Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spoiled rotten

Personally i think i should have this charm added to my collar......... because i AM spoiled rotten. Today i had a doctor's appointment.. to discuss my health issues.......... and my mystery pain.. and the tests i had done a month ago... and i was scared. BUT i didn't tell anyone i was scared.. cause i am a "tough old bird" and face these issues alone .. right??
W R O N G !!!

At 2:30 pm when i was speaking with Sir .. He told me He would see me in 2 hours at the doctor's office. My jaw hit the floor......... now Sir has quite enough on His plate right now.... what with work.. and last night He had to rush His mom into hospital with difficulty breathing......... i really thought this time i should just handle the appointment by myself. But at 4:30 on the dot Sir walked through the office doors and sat down beside me.... and trust me folks when i say i had this nice warm fuzzy feeling.....i just knew everything was gonna be alright.......... Sir was at my side.

And i was spoiled again.. by my doc.......... she took all the time in the world to discuss my medical issues.. possible alternative approaches we can take.. and took the time to make all the bogey men hiding in the shadows disappear!!! i am gonna be just fine......... she will continue to tweak my meds for now.. maybe later in the summer she might try adding one or two other ones......... but for now just a little tweaking and we'll see how it goes........ And as for the mystery pain........ well the test results are somewhere in limbo........ but as i haven't had a flair up since February i am not to worry about it!!!

And then i was spoiled again.. Sir took me out for dinner .. no cooking tonite.. and we sat quietly enjoying dinner and i got to bore Sir to death with talk of work and budgets and principals who are clowns.. and then home again for a nice hot bath..... some computer time.. and then bed.......

i am definitely spoiled rotten.......... and what a lovely feeling it is !!

(for those interested - i have posted some bondage pics to the photojournal)


CLoud said...

My My My aren't we now. I am glad all is okay

RAheretic's swan said...

Isn't it wonderful having THEM there with you at the doctor's? I know there was a moment at my own doctor's appointment when I looked at Him sitting there, and my heart just swelled knowing how much I was loved and cared for, and the tears almost spilled over -- He saw it, and the doc didn't miss it either... I think that reassured them both that we were working from a base level that would make this battle easier to win: at least there is solid love in our corner.

Hugs, swan

anna said...

Yes, you are spoiled... and deservedly so.

I'm glad things sound like they're looking up. You're one of those women who light up a room when you smile. :)

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