Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Inquiring Minds

i received a comment on this weekend's blog......... and i don't know why but i really thought it deserved an answer here in the public eye..
BloodyCorpse said...
Don't you think that using "Who links to me?" is a bit of an invasion of privacy? I mean if I were to link to someone I don't know if I'd really want it advertised to everyone right at that very second.

i discovered quite by accident one day that someone had put a link on their blog to The Journey. At first i was startled...... then i was pleased.. then i was curious. i couldn't understand why someone would put up a link without a "by your leave". It seemed to me a little bit of an invasion of MY privacy.

Then i discovered the "who links to me" link... and put it up on my blog. This link allows me to see who else has linked to The Journey. Is that an invasion of their privacy??? Maybe....... truthfully i hadn't thought about that. BUT then if they were concerned about their privacy they wouldn't have linked to my blog would they have?? At least not without asking me first.

Now please!! if you have linked to my blog and haven't asked me if you could...... don't fuss and bother about it.... i have long since forgotten about my initial shock at finding myself linked on various blogs. (actually i now find it quite an ego booster)......... This blog post is just to answer Bloodycorpse's comment about invasion of privacy.

Seems to me turn about is fair play.


on a happier note........ i have been working out in my gardens.. digging them .. fertilizing them and totally enjoying the feel of the earth under my feet. (ughhhhhh has anyone else noticed the size of the juicy worms this spring??!!!)
And with my thoughts turning to all things spring and flowers.. i decided to post some pictures on my photojournal......... enjoy!!!


CLoud said...

I do not understand, is this not on the web cannot anyone find our blogs, so I do not understand the fuss it is okay to read but not link and if we do link is it an invasion if someone finds out?

In my opinion that is sort of against the idea of a blog. Perhaps it is best for some to go back to those book dealers that sold books in brown bags and customer would not ask by title but with a nod and a wink!!!!!!!

BloodyCorpse said...

okay, sheesh i'm not trying to upset you...i was just wondering what your thinking was.
i guess i found out lol. i still wouldn't necessarily want everyone to read a list of the exact things i could be reading - but then i'd remove the link probably.
Anyway on blogger you can make a totally private blog so if it were for your eyes only ...well blah blah blah you know what i mean.

i'm just a very curious person :)

His Mija said...

I love gardening. right now i just have a lil window herb garden. Its amazing how wonderful food taste when you grow it and cook it yourself.

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