Thursday, March 05, 2015


I had planned on writing a "thesis" on 'words' today.  

BUT then I received the photo challenge.  The challenge was "Something Old".  I had this brainwave to take a shot of an old photograph album - how appropriate right??!  

Fortunately Sir never throws anything out and he had an old family album dating back to the early - VERY - early 1900's.  I took photos and they were ok.. but dull and flat looking.  Then I had another great idea ....... I would photoshop them all into an interesting collage.

Which meant I finally had to sit down and learn the program.

It took me all morning which is why the "thesis" never got written...... ahh well there's always another day............ 

Wanna see my photoshopped picture?? huh do ya??? 

Drum roll please......................

  see how clever I was??  I used the photo I had shot of the cover of the album as the background......... sometimes I really do have brilliant inspirations!


  1. I would have done the same thing, the thesis can wait. Lol
    I scanned all of the old pictures we had and stored them online with one of those photo stores. Some day I will get around to making them into books.

  2. WOW...all of our photos have been scanned and saved this project....
    hugs abby


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