Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Well I have been wearing my fitbit for a week now...... I managed to lose 3 pounds (see the coffee and the jam DO count!)  

I have been fascinated by the way it tracks my exercise/steps and because I enter what I eat - how it tracks my food intact with my calorie burn off.  

But I am also getting a kick out of the "challenges".  I noticed one day last week a message from youngest daughter on my fitbit challenging me to some thing or another.  I didn't understand/get it ... and couldn't find the damn message later on... so it got ignored.

Then Friday my son-in-law sent me another challenge thingy and I got him to explain it to me.  This neat lil bracelet has an app for your phone - where you can challenge your friends to things like "weekend warrior".  Weekend warrior challenges you to walk more steps than the other challenged players (cheeky grin) in a 48 hour period.

I accepted ..... and despite walking Saturday and Sunday on the treadmill for 45 minutes each day - AND - walking after supper each evening I still managed to lose (le sigh) BUT I broke my all time high for steps taken in a day - both days!  YAY me!

And then to brighten up my exercise passion - W brought home a new strap for me.  I (being colour blind) swore it was red - but it turns out it is tangerine.  So IF I see it as red - is it red??? or is it tangerine??? 

Truthfully colour doesn't matter - what does matter is I am enthusiastic once again about something in my life....... about making my life a little bit better............ 

so when I die they can say about me -- she

 "exercised every day and died healthier" !!!



  1. Aren't the fitbits awesome!! I have always hated exercise, but since my husband and daughter got me one I have really enjoyed it more. I have pink, blue, and purple bands. You can also earn badges for certain amounts of miles you have logged. Good luck!

  2. What can I say....I think the whole fit bit craze is silliness take to the extreme. But if it makes a whole group of people, my wife and daughter included, get off their butts and take control of their activity and life its got to be a good thing. Go for it but remember to make your walking a joyful experience; it then becomes so much easier and fun.


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