Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's over..

It's over.. Christmas that is.. so over!!!

The first thing i did on Monday when Sir left was to come on here and take down the Christmas blog look...... i was so over that look........ i even did a little renovating of the original look........... time for a new look i think..

Then i moved on to taking down the Christmas decorations - i had planned to stain some shelves youngest daughter gave me for my birthday wayyyyyyyy back in October.. i had finally bought the stain.. and was sticking to my promise (more to myself than anyone else) that i would get the shelves stained and up during my Christmas break. BUT in all the Christmas rush and confusion... the bag with the stain has disappeared.. poof gone.. and i can't even blame it on my fairies cause they aren't to be found anywhere either..........

The shelves are to go in my office.. and are to hold my oriental people / village - if i ever get enough money to actually buy myself the characters etc i want.......... i was thinking i should leave that for gifts (cause i am so hard to buy for dontcha know!!) BUT .. i am not the world's most patient person...... and i want what i want when i want it.. (yeah yeah i know .. that sounds bloody selfish and self centered ............ bite me!!)

But like every project i start......... i rearranged the office to accommodate the shelves .. AND...... decided the office needs a damn good painting !!!!! i did the hallway and living room in less than a week - so i should be able to do the office in a day or two right?? i have the paint... (i am gonna use the brown from the living room) .. but i don't have paint brushes (damn damn damn!!) so that project has to wait a day or so till i get out and pick some up!!

It seems every job i tried to start was a dead end........ so that left the Christmas decorations.. and that i could do !!!

Christmas is just so over....


  1. hmmm no stain , hmmm no brushes do you really want twant Christmas to be over? Perhaps the fairies are there just that they are hiding the stain and the brushes because it is too early for Christmas to be over? said of course with a grinchey smile.

    If you need help to move things or help painting give me a shout.

    Oh do remember to get paint cleaner would not want parts of you to be permenantly stained!!!!!

  2. Christmas IS sooooooo over ....

  3. Nice renovation!! I only started reading the blog in the past month, so I've only seen the christmas deco! I like the grey!! Ooooh and the girl on your header too!

  4. I lasted until the day AFTER Boxing DAy ... then it ALL came down - I'm like you - LOVE it but once it is over it is OVER.

    and like you - we renovated before xmas too --started a month before putting in a new "old" kitchen ...looks awesome - then had ot repaint- then the hallway looked grubby...once hallways was done, living room and dining room, well, they looked "wrong" .... doug just shook his head! I did all four rooms in three days!

  5. Only 360 days until Christmas!


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