Monday, December 29, 2008

Product Review..

i was asked, in a comment, to do a "product review" of the labia lifter... complete with pictures ......

After Christmas morning's quick attempt at the labia lifter.. Sir did use it again (only please don't ask me which day - cause all the holiday days have kinda/sorta run together)

i do know it was an evening.. a quiet time for Sir and i .. and Sir had me lie down on the floor at His feet.... i wasn't as nervous as i had been the first time.. cause this time i sorta/kinda knew what it would feel like.. of course i didn't take into consideration that Sir also knew how it would / could work for maximum effect !!

The large Plexiglas cylinder fits between the pussy lips...with the small black stick firmly embedded between my ass cheeks keeping/forcing the legs to stay open....

There is another smaller plexiglass cylinder that moves up and down the screw shaft.. that holds the gillian clips....... this cylinder stands at a 90 degree angle to the pussy...........

The gillian clips are attached while this cylinder is lower down on the shaft.........

There is a screw type device that when turned lifts the smaller cylinder up up and up the shaft.. slowly or as fast as is possible for maximum effect !!!

There is also .. if you look closely - a grommet?? i am not sure what you call it.. that can .. once the small cylinder is at the top... shorten the ropes holding the gillian clips even more.. creating more pull and stretch on the pussy lips........

All of these items work together to create a labia lifting
experience !!!!

This next picture was taken looking down from above on the total picture - so to speak.............

And this picture shows the stretch that was created on the pussy lips............

The pain is exquisite......... and Sir spent some time tapping the large cylinder pressing into my pussy - that made me wonder/fantasize about vibrators placed against it....... Sir also twiddled with the ropes a bit.. tugging.. releasing.. watching my expressions change.. listening to the yelps of pain and moans of pleasure...

i know that Sir did not stretch the limits (so to speak) as much as is possible.. and i am hoping that is on the "to do" list..... i find i am craving to see / feel / experience my pussy lips being stretched to maximum..... without the gillian clips being ripped off.. (we did that already by accident.. and it is NOT my favourite memory of the labia lifter!!)

On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best....... i would rate this .. ummm.. a 9 .. for now...... if Sir ever does the maximum stretch.. then i will re-rate this product.. probably to a 10 !!

Now .. just for the record..

At Sir's surprise Birthday party the new labia lifter was passed around and much discussion ensued...... one of the ideas that came out was that it could be attached to nipples ............. my knees went totally weak.. and i thought to myself - "what part of LABIA don't they get??" i am a total wimp when it comes to nipple torture of any sort..... hell i can barely handle two or three clothes pins on my breasts never mind this torture device !!! My pussy .. on the other hand ..... can handle amazing amounts of torture.. and pussy torture... literally and figuratively .. turns me on...... big time!!!


  1. Hmmm ....... must ponder this device more .....

  2. The pain does indeed sound exquisite. So there's no ummm... insertion involved at all with this contraption?

    Thank you for the review, by the way. :)

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    do u think it real will streach the lips for good

  4. Anonymous6:48 pm

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