Thursday, March 23, 2017


I couldn't jump over buildings in one leap 

I couldn't fight super villains

I couldn't fly 

BUT I did my best super nurse impressions -- making meals -- fetching coffee -- wiggling his toes -- and bringing him his pills.

This morning my patient declared he was walking his daughter to the bus -- so he crammed his foot into his shoe -- put on his hat and coat -- and limped off to the bus stop with her.

Me thinks my work here is done!!

Tomorrow I will return home -- get things up to date there -- take a First Aid course all weekend (the last - thank god - of my re-certifications needed to work here) and spend some alone time in my apartment.

Monday I will come back -- not as super nurse -- more as nosy girlfriend - 'cause he has an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday morning -- and I really want to know how the surgery went -- what restrictions he has if any -- and just be there for him ya know -- 'cause I'm like that when I care for someone.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jealousy Strikes

 With Sir Steve laid up with a gimpy foot -- it has given me lots of time to think.  I pride myself on being understanding and accepting of other people's feelings... and in return I expect the same understanding.

When relationships end -- and sometimes as they are ending -- jealousy rears it's nasty head.  It's not a pretty emotion.  It is a black hole that just swallows you up -- forget green eyed monster.  

Every new relationship comes with a mess of 'extra characters' -- it's certainly not a 'one man show' so to speak.  And the more 'characters' involved the more chance of jealousy showing up like an uninvited guest to a dinner party.

We are dealing with some jealousy .......... despite all our efforts to prevent it.  Sometimes it just can't be helped ya know??

There's been a fair amount of whining and acting out.  
There has been a fair amount of pushing me out of the way. 
There's even been some foot stamping.......... 

I suggested to Sir Steve that some extra attention and loving might be in order... 
I have been stepping back to make sure there was room for snuggling........ 

And slowly but surely I think things are turning around............  the jealous one is Lady ... Sir Steve's black lab -- it has been funny watching her push between us -- whine and yes even stamp her feet from time to time....... who knew a family pet would become jealous of the 'other woman'  ??? (grinning)



Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sir Gimpy

Sir Steve was scheduled for surgery yesterday...... so I extended my stay with him to 'play nurse', as he will be (should be!) off his foot for a week or so.  I am thinking his image of morningstar the nurse was a bit like this............. 

when in truth morningstar the nurse is more like this.................

It was a wee bit stressful yesterday -- sitting around the waiting room waiting for the surgery to be over and to be able to bring him home............ that's all I wanted ya know to get him out of the hospital and home safe and sound.

It took just over 4 hours then he was mine to bring home and nurse back to health....  which might just involve some rope and quick ties to keep him in his chair with his leg elevated.  AND to keep him home from work!!!  (he's such a stubborn man!)

The hospital staff did what I have been threatening to do -- painted his toe nails (well ok his whole leg -- but his toe nails are a pretty pink too!!)

Now I am off to make gallons of coffee to keep my 'patient' happy and caffeinated (rather than sedated) and maybe hunt up some rope (cheeky grin)

Monday, March 20, 2017


 We had a good weekend Sir Steve and I.... we did everything we planned to do -- well almost.

We did a quick run to Montreal to have a small birthday celebration with eldest grandson -- we picked up some groceries -- and came home to bed.....hours together in bed...... I even got my picnic lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk in bed on Sunday.


we had planned -- *I* had counted on -- having some anal play.  Sir Steve had told me way back when -- that I had to "practice" so that I would be ready.  And I did practice for awhile !!!  BUT it got boring doing it myself -- and it never seemed to be on our agenda -- and so I stopped -- gave up??? 

Sir Steve had suggested - or I suggested -- honestly I don't remember who suggested - that I bring my 'toy' with me this visit ...... so it was on the agenda and still I didn't practice before coming.  

Saturday driving home from Montreal -- I was aware I had HUGE butterflies in my stomach -- I was anxious / excited / nervous for this time alone with Sir Steve -- for the anal play.  I wanted soooooooooo badly to do this with him.

Sunday morning after some rather hot sex Sir Steve told me to get the toy -- I didn't exactly jump at the idea.  Suddenly it was not a fantasy - it was gonna become reality and I was shy and scared ......... Sir Steve said that we didn't have to  and I shook my head -- I wanted this -- I really did!!!! so I rolled over and grabbed the toy and gave it to him.

He was gentle and patient -- and more than lovingly understanding -- but it didn't work -- almost worked BUT almost only counts in horseshoes.  I was so disappointed and felt I had let Sir Steve down -- or disappointed him -- something......... cause IF I had kept up my practicing it probably would have worked right??!!! and because I got bored and didn't practice it didn't work.  

And round and round my brain went -- no matter what Sir Steve said -- no matter how reassuring he was -- no matter how much he snuggled and pampered me -- I felt like I had failed him  
I do not handle failure well -- at all !!! 

The toy has been put in a drawer by the bed -- he totally understands bout the boring solo thing -- and has said we will practice together -- and it WILL happen one day....... 

I'm just sorry it didn't happen this weekend ya know -- we get so little private time together. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017