Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Bugs

Yeah summer bugs and I don't mean mosquitoes!  I managed to catch some mystery bug this week.  Let me tell you -- if you are gonna have the flu -- have it at home not in a trailer!!  UGH!  I was fussing cause Sir Steve and I have a 'date' in the city this weekend AND I wanted - needed -- demanded I be better by Friday!!

Fortunately (for all my fussing) it was only a 24 hour thing -- 24 hours of hell -- but at least I am on my feet and feeling feisty again! (big cheeky grin)

Hermione asked the other day on "Pillow Talk"  
 I'm glad you two are getting some private time together. Just wondering, though, aren't you worried about people in nearby trailers hearing you? They must be curious.

worried about the neighbours hearing us?? Yeah I was at first .... I can be a bit vocal during sex.... and at the beginning I used to swallow my moans and "oh gods" till my throat hurt and I would land up having a coughing fit.  As for playing here -- we really haven't done any spanking up here so it hasn't been an issue. I have relaxed considerably since that first night of love making -- and don't much care if the neighbours hear my moans... (cheeky grin).. let them think what they want.


we hadn't played up here till that night when Sir Steve started to spank my ass.  At first I was shocked -- did a mental inventory of who was up (the campground gets pretty deserted during the week) and realized there was no one on either side of us and no one across the road.  IF the slaps and moans carried further so be it. 

 Hermione - I told Sir Steve about your comment tonite at dinner and he said if he was worried about the neighbours he would have closed the windows.  

At one point during the spanking I 'listened' to the sound he was making and grinned to myself thinking "one handed clapping".  It wasn't much more than a hard spanking.  For a masochist (and the Sadist) it was like an appetizer of what is to come this weekend.  The whole house to ourselves for 48 hours.  What a treat!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pillow Talk

We're alone this week - the lil one is with her mom 

And this morning I woke up to two small finger print bruises on my left ass cheek... leftovers from a night of loving......... 

They made me smile - I ran my fingers over them - gently prodding them -- remembering the feel of his hand connecting with my warm skin -- making my eyes widen and a moan escape... making me wiggle and beg for more.

When we go to bed - climb under the covers in our little 'sanctuary'  the stresses of the day -- the knots in my stomach -- the headaches (that have plagued me for over 2 weeks now) just disappear.  

I am HIS -- mind soul and body.  I surrender to his touch -- to his prodding fingers -- to his being.  And he is teaching me to be myself - totally myself.... to accept - no more than accept - to embrace all that is me -- my wanton desires.  He is helping me to grow ... to know it is ok to be a partner in this relationship.  

I am not just a 'thing' for his amusement -- I am a woman whom he loves to torture and tease and satisfy.  

And that is a very good thing!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Noise Noise Noise

I wonder how many others suffer from noise noise noise......... sometimes I think it is only me -- but I am not that special!  lots of folks suffer from social anxiety -- and panic attacks -- SO there must be folks who suffer from noise noise noise.

Some days I feel like the Grinch and I can his voice saying " oh the noise noise noise!".  

I love the campsite -- but there is always noise -- always someone calling 'hello' or 'nice day' or some other noise.  The only time it's quiet -- just me and nature - is early in the morning.  (and sometimes - rarely - but sometimes in the evening) I can feel my heart slow down -- feel my breathing level out -- feel calm settle in my soul.

And I realize I need the quiet times to formulate my words for here.  I need space to write my blog.  AND I don't really have much of either at the campsite.  Someone left a comment the other day that said "worried about you are you ok"  

I AM ok -- I learning to adust to the noise and to people.  I spent 2 years in my lil apartment going days without talking to anyone -- days without any noise.  I don't think it was very good...... makes rejoining society more difficult I think.  

So if I am quiet around here -- it's mainly cause my soul is desperate for quiet -- desperate for peace -- desperate to be alone with my thoughts. (not something that thrills Sir Steve - trust me -- he doesn't much like the voices in my head) 

I will try to write more -- my heart is full so there's lots to write about ..............


Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm Hanging in............

For some reason I can't upload pictures today -- it might be the old computer I'm working on........... 

Life is improving -- it took me longer to pull out of my funk after the weekend then usual.  Monday spent here in the city doing laundry helped a bit.  But I think it was Monday night when I crawled into bed with Sir Steve and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight while he made sweet love to me that was the biggest factor in my improvement.  It's hard to explain but I feel more connected to him when we make love and that calm peace lasts for days afterwards.

It also seems Sir Steve is being a bit 'bossy' towards me now -- more than usual -- which is a very good thing... it helps me stay focused on the important things. 

We've gone on a couple of adventures this week with the lil one (Sir Steve's on vacation) and we've appreciated / enjoyed the unscheduled days together.

"life is not easy
life is not perfect
life is good!"