Monday, February 19, 2018

Family Day

Today is a holiday here in parts of the Great White North - Family Day.

I have declared it MY day off........... 

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the weekend - but for today it's my day of rest.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Sentiments

I found a new 'page' on Facebook -- to say it surprised me would be putting it mildly  -- god I loved it !!!  Here's a sample for my Sunday Sentiments.............


Saturday, February 17, 2018


Well it's not Friday -- but ya get the point.  It's the weekend -- time to make stories for next week..........

Only we still have the lil one with us AND it's a long weekend here -- Monday is 'family day' (another holiday I don't get --- family day?? shouldn't every day be family day?? ahhh well I'm old and cantankerous)

I bought some new 'toys' on Friday -- well pervertables as they are called -- and as I walked around the store with them in my basket -- my mind was creating the world's best fantasies based around the new toys...... making it hard to focus on my shopping -- and hard to ignore the heat that was building in my body.

I showed Sir Steve when he got home on Friday night -- and he grinned -- and I think his mind went to some great fantasies too -- but the bag was shoved into my lingerie cupboard and the door closed.  It will wait.

What we WILL do this weekend is take the lil one to a birthday party and run some messages on Sunday - and probably vegetate on Monday........  

Friday, February 16, 2018


Nooooo not my marriage....... my eldest daughter is getting married again.  After many years of being single (after a horrible first marriage) she has found (and I am quoting here) the love of her life!  That statement made my heart happy.  He's a wonderful man -- and such a good fit with her!  

Isn't it every mother's wish -- to see their children settled and happy ??

This wedding is going to be so very different from the first one -- the one that was meant to impress ...... I'm not much for impressing people.  This wedding is going to be held at the campgrounds this summer.  Casual and intimate and (I think) so much more meaningful.

I volunteered to help do the decorations (and some of the organising). This project has given me something to do during these last dark days of winter.  A fun happy project that feeds my 'arty farty' side.  I have been prowling the net finding ideas for rustic weddings........ and they can be gorgeous!!  Simple but nonetheless gorgeous.

I found a number of ideas 

like this one

the box will painted lilac (according to eldest daughter) and will hold bug spray -- the black board will read "Smitten - not Bitten"....... 

Then I am gonna have another box filled with sparklers and another blackboard that will read "Love Sparkles". (or something like that)

I am gonna hang mason jars from the trees with candles in them....... 

And we're gonna buy Lobelia in the spring -- 

pot them and have them in pots to line the 'wedding tent'....sorta like this......

A friend from the campgrounds -- when she heard about the wedding -- offered a whole bolt of Tulle that she doesn't need/want .........  

OHHHHH it's going to be wonderful to have a wedding to plan -- look forward to...... winter blahs are gonna dissipate in the flurry of arty farty marriage plans!

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