Friday, May 18, 2018

Fully Aware

My 'friend' Anonymous has been back on my blog.... leaving poison pen comments.  Don't bother looking it got dumped almost as soon as it came in........

I am putting moderation back on my blog (sorry to all of you who learned the lesson 'if you don't have anything nice to say..........' )  I just don't want anyone else to read the garbage that some folks leave.  I don't mind disagreements/debates but I do take offense to name calling..... and trying to push my buttons!

Now on to the latest news around here.......... 

Last night we spent 5 hours in emergency with the lil one -- the joys of no family doctor and walk in clinics closing early.  Unfortunately due to budget cuts we didn't get to see a doctor -- and we decided to bring her home to bed.  This morning I was up early -- got her all ready for "Royalty Day" at school and took her myself to the local walk in clinic.  It only took us 3 hours to see a doctor and get a new prescription for the rash.  It is indeed an allergy and he is pretty sure it is from walking through the woods at the campground.  (joy oh joy!)

She's now safely ensconced at school and then off to her mothers.  Sir Steve and I will have 3 days to ourselves (it's a long weekend here in the Great White North -- YAY!)

Here's to 'wine time' tonite .......... I need it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Crazy Life

It would be really REALLY nice if life would settle down and become normal....... but I am thinking THIS is my new normal!!

Yesterday morning the lil one woke up with swollen eyes and a rash around her mouth........ ALLERGY ALERT!!  Because no one in this house has ever had allergies before... there were no meds to give her......... So.......... Sir Steve called the school told them the lil one would be late (if she showed up at all) and left for work.  When the drugstore opened I took the lil one over to pick up some antihistamines ... dosed her in the car...... took her shopping with me to see if things improved or if she fell asleep on me.......... After about 40 minutes her face looked better and she hadn't fallen asleep -- but was fussing because she was missing school - so I drove her to school.  Then I went and finished the shopping and running messages.

I had a project I wanted to do on the computer -- which took a couple of hours at least -- and then I tried to print it.  Of course the printer refused to work ... and it took me another hour or so to sort it out... only to print one page of my project and have the printer shut down and tell me I needed more ink?!!!  

Today is better -- but not by much.
The lil one woke up with swollen eyes again ....... so more meds and put her on the bus.  I am stumped what could be causing this.... yesterday I thought it might have been the almonds in the salad we had for supper -- but I don't think she should have still been reacting today...... 

I am baking up a storm trying to get sweets baked and frozen to take us through the summer ....... and of course I picked a  couple of new recipes -- and they're finicky -- not just mix and dump on cookie sheets ......... le sigh.

On the bright side -- I think we are gonna have a lesson in nature and birthing ..... this morning when I was outside I could hear this 'cooing' sound.  But it wasn't a normal cooing -- it sounded stressed.  So I started scanning the roof tops and wires.. couldn't see anything.......... 

Then a pigeon flew in and landed on the wires between our house and next door and was peering into the rain gutter.  

Suddenly a head popped up.... Momma?? ....... she was making the weirdest cooing sounds I have heard... certainly sounded stressed... and her back was moving up and down like mad 

I honestly don't know much about pigeons -- she could just be hungry or hurt.... but something tells me she's laying her eggs.......... we could have some new 'neighbours'..... now that will be fun!!

Life is good even when it's crazy .........

Monday, May 14, 2018

Project Weekend

I am sorry I just kinda disappeared from Blogland for a couple of days last week.  The words wouldn't come....... life was (as I said) kicking my ass.  BUT on the positive side for the FFF I did lose a whole pound -- YAY!

But we had a really good weekend.  I made my lists and virtually everything made it from the city to the campgrounds.  (well except for a salad which we picked up early Saturday morning)

This was 'projects' weekend.  I had ideas!!  (Sir Steve will learn to duck and run in future when I say 'I have an idea') 

In my mind the campsite should be rustic -- and cosy -- and well, kind of 'rustic chic'.  Last summer when we walked around the sites - everywhere I looked were christmas lights strung all around the campsites -- decks so BIG and overbearing they took over the lot - and some sites looked like 'hoarders' lived there.  

So over the winter I developed 'an idea'.

On Saturday morning we went and ordered some stone for the fire pit area.... we found a lovely indoor/outdoor rug I wanted for the deck and the price was too good to pass up!!  And I had my mason jars and little battery operated tea lights........... 


the stone was delivered............. 

Sir Steve removed the fire pit -- spread the stone -- leveled the area and rebuilt the fire pit.......  

We had been given a patio set by Sir Steve's parents -- but the patio table that came with it was way too big for our city deck....... I had this idea to combine it with the park bench that was sanded and painted last summer --  

We moved the park bench down to the fire pit -- put the glass table behind it -- and added a lantern and some plant pots (the plants will come later when it warms up ) 

Then I had this idea for twinkling lights in the trees (something I stumbled across on Pinterest  ......... I picked up some old fashioned mason jars -- hemp -- and the hot glue gun.............. 

The final result was this............ 

I didn't have my good camera with me -- so no pictures of them lit at night - but hopefully you can use your imagination............... 

Then - finally - I wanted to sort out / organise the deck.  Last year it was a jumble of furniture with no flow -- and no defined areas........... 

I had brought up my wicker furniture and bought some new blue cushions........ the blue rug went in the round corner as you come up the steps to the deck -- creating a nice 'visiting' area -- great for morning coffee and even better for afternoon wine......... 

Then move forward a few steps and you have the eating area with the table and chairs....... 

And tucked into the back corner of the deck is the barbeque -- right beside the steps down to the fire pit area.........  

Sunday was spent thoroughly enjoying the new organisation outside (and inside -- I have put everything into labeled containers in the cupboards -- my OCD is very pleased and under control!) 

Now everything is ready for the summer........ 
and that is a good thing !!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Grating on My Nerves

On Monday I wrote about 'my stalker'......... and I posted an edited version to Fetlife.

I never once mentioned his name on here or Fetlife -- but he came back (on Fetlife) with a diatribe about me -- using my name. I expected it so no surprise.  What did annoy me though -- was how he versed it.. calling me a liar and saying I was talking bullshit.  How he 'the good guy' was simply returning something I had left behind when I left.

I thought I could ignore it -- that's always been his modus operandi -- trying to make himself look good -- just doing the 'right thing' etc -- but it's been grating on me ever since.  I am so tired of his acting all high and mighty -- the wounded one in all this. 

So let's set the record straight.
A month after I left him I got a legalese worded letter telling me I had 10 days to remove my belongings from his house (like I had left stuff!!)  and if it wasn't removed he would dispose of it as he saw fit.

This all important package he just HAD to return to me 3 years after the fact -- contained 2 ears of popping corn.... and it might be interesting to note they are 4 years old and probably as stale as stale can be.

He is not fooling me -- not one little bit.  He was not doing a good deed - he was not returning my things......... he was showing me he could still find me!  He knew where I spend my summers -- if that's not stalking me I don't know what is!!  

oh yeah -- I almost forgot -- just like every other time I have called him on the rug for stalking me he has yelled to the heavens that he was done -- through -- never contacting me again............ every single time!  Yet he continues to do so...... why?? because he wants me to know he's watching me -- he wants back in my head.  Because he can't admit to himself he never had any real control over me -- I didn't swallow his excuses for the other women -- I didn't swallow his woe's me attitude ... AND I didn't let his threats of suicide sway me - anymore. 

AND I have made up my mind -- that a restraining order /police involvement might be necessary to finally put an end to this.   

I am done!  


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