Friday, March 16, 2018


I had a mini meltdown yesterday over my weight..... instead of losing I managed to put on 1.5 pounds !!!  

No excuses allowed -- I know how and I know why........ no one's fault but my own .. and my own lack of self control.

Sir Steve and I talked about it -- he said he would do anything he could to support me which is very nice.... I don't normally talk to anyone about my weight issues -- or even blog about them....... both are tough to do... BUT I am trying to stay honest ... to be accountable -- to NOT ignore it -- so here I am on Fit Friday admitting I have fallen completely off the healthy eating wagon... have put on 1.5 pounds instead of losing it... 

I felt more confident after my talk with Sir Steve.  We went off to our munch and I ordered a smoke meat sandwich with no fries ..... YAY me right?!  The sandwich came and it was HUGE -- and I do mean HUGE!!  I thought to myself I will only eat half and take the other half home.......I cleaned my plate.................. (see my disappointed / sad face)

Today is another day........... a new start....... again........... 
Hopefully next week I will have a better report

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 9 1/2

Day 9 1/2 because Sir Steve tells me he'll be home for lunch -- AND -- for the next 3 days..... 

So we knocked this out of the park ....... YAY !!

This afternoon Sir Steve is taking me to find an optometrist cause I really REALLY need new glasses -- I feel blind!  Then this evening we're taking a lil road trip and going to a new munch with new people -- like people I don't know -- like crowds of people I don't know -- my mantra is "I can do this ... I can do this".... (small smile)

Then till Saturday evening we're pretty much on our own to amuse ourselves.  Think we can find something to fill the time???  (cheeky grin) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 8

Yup -- we are now on day 8 straight of working....... 
and I am taking stock -- 
there are oatmeal cookies in the freezer
there are were chocolate chip cookies in the freezer
there are ginger snaps in the freezer
there are oatmeal muffins in the freezer
there is a banana bread in the freezer (only 1 cause I ran out of bananas)
there are a couple dozen of meat balls in the freezer
the laundry is up to date (in fact I am washing the lil one's unicorn rug today)
the house is clean
the grocery shopping is done
and I will probably be snow shoveling today as we are pretty much snowed in right now


yesterday when Sir Steve got home he took my hand and tugged me into the bedroom....  

and my body wouldn't respond -- it was like it was on hiatus ya know? But Sir Steve can work miracles -- out came the knives....... for those of you who don't know me well -- a session with the knives is better than a sensual massage for me 

And when I pulled him to me and whispered soft sweet words of encouragement Sir Steve said "it's been way too long I have missed this! " and I almost cried -- it's nice to know that even after all this time - lust and desire still run through his veins like it does through mine.......

Day to day routine doesn't seem so mundane now...... there's still day 8 and day 9 to get through -- but then 3 days off 


Just a little PSA (public service announcement)

(in our case it may not be celebrated today but one day soon for sure!)


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 7

We are on day 7 of Sir Steve working......... it's got to the point neither of us knows what day of the week it is...... it's got to the point he's exhausted ... his body is hurting (after all your body needs time to re-energize) more than usual.......

And yes - to my darlin' anonymous stalker - I am being "greedy" wanting some adult intimacy with my Sir Steve and yes my attitude is "shitty" ........ dear stalker you can try pushing all my buttons (which you know so well) ....... but I will not apologize for my very real feelings...... missing him ...worrying about him.... wanting him.

The important thing is (I think) that I support him in this -- his meals are made - he has yummy baking to nibble on -- his clothes are washed -- his house clean -- he can devote his time and energy to his job -- to his new business -- I've got his back!!

And when this period is over -- and things return to normal -- we will have our adult intimacy again and we will hold each other up again........... when things return to normal.............. 

and that is a very good thing!

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