Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Bit of This 'n That

Well I was at the clinic before 8am and the line up was out the door.  However they have a neat way of handling walk in's here .... They took my name and information and told me I could go home and come back around 9:00ish.  I saw the doctor just after 9:30 and came home with antibiotics and an inhaler.  With any luck I should be feeling more like myself in a few days.

Over the last few blogs there have been some questions thrown out there in the comment section ..... I thought I would answer them today....

On 'Coming Together' Hermoine said she thought I would have given up my apartment and moved in with Sir Steve.  I doubt that will ever happen officially.  If I keep a separate address then the government won't ever see us as married and won't screw around with our income and taxes.  AND yes it is a bit of a bolthole -- somewhere I can escape to if I need a quiet space/ safe space.

On the same entry Selkie (grinning and waving) asked if Miss Ashes was living here with us.  Oh yes!!  She moved in in June for supposedly a few days -- but she made herself totally at home here .... bosses the dog around and has fallen in love with Sir Steve and his nightly snuggles.  AND despite my best efforts to keep her out of the lil one's room she is having a love affair with the pink unicorn rug in her room..........

And on 'Clean Slate'  kethry paid me a compliment by telling me to use my decorating skills on this place and make it ours... she made me smile ... AND now that it's all coming together it does have my touch for sure..... I do consult with Sir Steve before doing anything -- but still I am showing through.  

Now my energy has run out and I am gonna curl up and heal......  

Monday, October 23, 2017


This bug I picked up over Thanksgiving is still hanging on......... Honestly I feel like shit

So this morning I am going to a walk in clinic -- hopefully they will give me some magic pills that will start the healing process.............

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coming Together

It's all coming together ........ the redecorating the house that is..... (god I hate when he's right!! cheeky grin)

Yesterday Sir Steve brought the dining room set home... went to my apartment and picked up a chair that was really too big for the space... and bought some shelving.  Then we (well really he) put everything in place.  


I think it looks amazing...... There is still a couple of things that need doing - like new coat hanging shelves for the front door -- but for the most part it's all coming together........ 

Here are some before and after shots 

The Kitchen minus the table and chairs.......... 

and with the new table and chairs............ 

The living room with the new tables and the white chair.........

(oh and the dog curled up on her bed)

For his birthday Sir Steve received 2 Samurai helmets from a dear friend and I gave him a Samurai sword....... He mounted the shelves and now they are beautifully displayed.........

I love it when a plan comes together.... 


Friday, October 20, 2017

Clean Slate

During the worst of the shit on Wednesday Sir Steve came and found me on the front balcony.  He wrapped his arms around me tightly and kept saying 'it's gonna be ok - it's gonna be ok' .... All I could think was how he could afford to refurnish his house!?  and felt sick.

Before he left for work he told me that it was gonna be a blessing in disguise -- now we could get the furniture we wanted -- clean slate -- new start. Truthfully all I could see was mess -- everywhere mess and more mess. 

When Sir Steve got home from work -- he said we were gonna go to the ReStore and see what they had in the way of furniture.  I honestly didn't hold out much hope... second hand furniture?? nope didn't hold out much hope at all.

We started looking at coffee tables and end tables.  The lil one was skipping around seeing it as a huge adventure! She even found a working piano and got permission from the salesclerk to play on it.  Then buried in the back of these pieces of furniture Sir Steve spotted two end tables and a matching coffee table.  Hardly a mark on them and the price was amazing!!  

Sir Steve's buddy had a lead on a dining room set -- and while we were poking around the shop his buddy texted him.  They wanted way more than what Sir Steve wanted to pay AND it came with a hutch which we didn't want (or need).  

We had passed a dining room set when we entered the shop.  We went back to look at it.  I loved it I have to admit.  It's old -- like really old.  Solid Oak.  Pedestal table with a leaf and 4 matching chairs and not a bloody mark on it. It was a bit more than Sir Steve wanted to spend -- but shockingly low considering the set.   He bought it.

We managed to get the smaller tables home -- but he is borrowing a van from a friend and will bring the dining room set home today.  He was right -- everything is coming together -- and it is becoming OUR home -- 

AND that is a very good thing.