Saturday, July 15, 2017


Life is indeed full of surprises!

Sir Steve followed me for almost 10 years through this blog -- kept an eye on me so to speak - never commented -- never whispered in my ear... nothing... no clue.

He still reads here daily and rarely if ever says anything to me -- and most definitely never comments.

But he posted a comment on Stop Just Stop  (click the link to read) -- he posted all the words he whispers in my ear when the day is over and we are lying in bed snuggled up together... maybe he's hoping if I see it in print I will believe him?? 

I don't know -- I just know it made me tear up (in a good way).... and it made me think I really have got the best man ever!  

Life is good when your Sir whispers in writing the words in his heart - for all the world to see ....... 

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lindy thomas said...

That is so sweet what Sir Steve wrote to you. Remember it every time you have your doubts, he wants you, no one else. You are the love of his life. So relax, go with the flow and enjoy. You're a lucky woman.
Hugs Lindy

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