Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Play Time

We had some play time the other night -- it's never planned -- well let me clarify that -- I am never informed of play time -- it just happens.

It would appear that knife play is fast becoming Sir Steve's favourite form of 'play time'  --  and trust me I am not complaining!!

This time he had me lie on my back so my more sensitive bits were easily accessible to him and the knife.  Foreplay is biting and scratching and licking and sucking -- till my mind and body are swamped with sensations....... then the curved dragon blades came out -- two identical knives one smaller then the other and a wee bit sharper... "all the better to torture my piercings".

Then the large dragon tongued knife came out.... something similar to this..............

the double blades slide so easily between my pink bits... separating them -- teasing them -- marking them....... the points digging into me....... making me catch my breath and hold it.... 

It felt like we played for hours -- when in reality it was probably only an hour.  

And it happened -- believe it or not -- never happened before -- but I called "uncle"....... and Sir Steve slowed down -- rubbed a bit -- teased a bit -- till my body was arching towards him again -- silently begging for 'more please Sir' ...

It ended and I was deep in my head -- dancing with my fairies -- hardly aware of the bed or the hour -- but always focused on Sir Steve. 

He stroked my face and whispered softly it was time to sleep -- and I drifted off -- still dancing with my fairies........ and contented.


However just a side note -- we discovered my falling asleep while still so far in my head is not the best idea.  In the morning I awoke feeling lonely and a little lost.  As is my habit I got up the minute my eyes were open -- not gaining any focus -- or grounding -- and was a bit of a mess when Sir Steve got up.  

Lesson learned -- some quiet snuggling time is needed at the end of an intense play time before my mind drifts off to sleep............ 

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Michele d said...

Have to admit this knife play stuff confuses me. Not judging you, just don't get how you find it exciting--one slip of the knife and oops, you could be really injured. I realize that fear is sexually arousing to some, but it's the exact opposite for me. However, different strokes for different folks, and you and he seem like a perfect match. Us faithful readers can tell how happy you are with him, and you so deserve to be!

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