Monday, July 17, 2017

Last Straw

We had an episode on Saturday --- one in a long line of "episodes" with the ex wife and her family.  

Mostly I have gritted my teeth -- occasionally I have thrown out one line zingers -- like the time she burst onto our deck at 9:30 on a Sunday morning (one of many times that she arrived unannounced and uninvited) and made a comment as she was leaving about enjoying our breakfast and I zinged "we are trying to!"

But mostly I keep my mouth shut and if it really bothers me I will speak to Sir Steve and let him handle it or not.

Saturday we had company for dinner -- 2 other couples. We had finished dinner and were sitting around the campfire (which happens to be at the back of our site) laughing and talking.

Suddenly out of nowhere the ex wife arrives with lil one in tow with soap and a towel and announces that the lil one wants a bath and refuses a shower so please give her a bath.  I swung around and zinged "REALLY??!!" 

Sir Steve got up and took the lil one into the trailer -- SHE then decided to walk into our group to pat the dog and make a fuss.  Our guests were floored (it isn't just me!) and remarked how rude that was.

Not 2 minutes after she left her father showed up behind my chair yelling at me........ YELLING!  Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT handle yelling in any form.  I swung around in my chair and told him firmly "I will not discuss this with you now" and turned my back to him.

My whole body was shaking -- I thought I was going to be sick - and I was heading for a full blown panic attack.

Our guests left early as the mood of the evening had been ruined.

I went into the trailer as rigid as a stone statue.  I washed up the dinner dishes. I got undressed. I climbed into bed and the melt down hit......... full blown melt down!  I took my pills -- I cried -- and cried some more -- Sir Steve lay beside me with his arm wrapped tightly around me -- it didn't help.

Finally I was able to voice the emotions -- I was scared ...... I didn't feel safe -- I was done -- and I was going home in the morning.

It was a bad night for both Sir Steve and I.  Every lil sound had me jumping awake.

In the morning Sir Steve spoke to the ex wife -- laid the law down so to speak.  

The final result is neither she nor her family is welcome to come waltzing on to our site uninvited.  Sir Steve does not want to hear from anyone that I am the 'crazy girlfriend' or the 'slut' or the 'home wrecker'.  AND the mother is going to take the lil one one week on one week off for the rest of the summer (which gives me a HUGE break)

 I am hoping the boundaries set will take -- I am hoping that the rest of my summer will be peaceful and the sense of this being a safe secure sanctuary will return.  But then they don't have a lot of respect for anyone ....... so I truthfully have my doubts.

I do have faith in Sir Steve though -- He has gone to work and I am sitting in the trailer writing this.......jumping a little bit every time I hear someone walking past -- but hoping against hope that this too shall pass.

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