Friday, May 19, 2017


One thing I didn't share with you from last weekend is my fairy garden.

It's all set up and catching people's eyes -- especially the childen!  The teacher I worked with re-gifted a set of fairy wind chimes which will come to the trailer this weekend and I know Sir Steve will hang them.... he tends to humour my need to be surrounded by fairies.

I didn't bring my good camera -- only had my cell -- but I so wanted pictures of the fairy garden I couldn't wait for the good camera.  AND of course the day I took the pictures it had been raining..  the pics aren't the best -- but this is my 

Fairy Garden

This is the entry door -- the small bottle holds the key

of course the fairies have to be camping!

There's a little swimming hole for when the weather warms up... 

 a quiet bench for snuggling......

fairy Emma is singing "feed the birds...."  

 I hope over time to add some pretty ground cover that will flower and more fairies to delight young and old......

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