Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Donating a piece of my past........

I had a busy day yesterday -- still doing the gym every morning - but yesterday after the gym I went clothes shopping -- again (le sigh) 

I need new gym leotards. Believe it or not - the ones I have are getting too big and I keep having to pull them up.  I even tried washing them in hot water to see if I could shrink them........... 

I didn't find any leotards - ok ok - to be truthful I wanted white ones and could only find black and grey - so I skipped them and moved on to capris for the summer and found another dress - which is more for spring and fall.  I am almost getting good at this shopping thing!

When I got home I decided I really did have to sort out all the clothes I am hoarding..... I took all the "big" clothes out and made a pile on the bed.  And got all the new clothes washed and hung up.......... 

Then I walked away........ for a couple of hours.  

I have to confess  -- that the clothes I 'out grew' a couple of months ago were still sitting on the shelf in the cupboard.......... and now there was a BIG pile on the bed... I just didn't know what to do with them.  In the past I have always kept them - cause I knew I was more than likely going to wear them again one day.

This time it was different ......... I know - really know - they don't fit me anymore -- but parting with them??? 

On a trip down the hallway to the laundry room - I realized that I am never going to put on weight again..... EVER!  Hell every time I buy a new dress I add another 10 pounds to lose (LOL) 

So I came back and packed up two bags of clothes and took them to the local clothes donation bin.  Done and Done!!!

For me - this was another small break through - the big clothes are gone - just like that part of my life........ 

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