Tuesday, May 03, 2016


I have been looking for knee socks.  I don't know why - honest I don't - but they appeal to me.... 

BUT I wanted socks that were ME -  just a little bit funky -- and I have had no success.  It wasn't pressing cause ya know I have been having to find clothes in the right size for the summer - before the summer hit...... That was definitely a priority as I couldn't see myself going naked all summer...... (cheeky grin)

Anyway last week I went to the local sex shop - because I needed stockings.  YES stockings!!!  (geeeeeez get your minds out of the gutter) It's next to impossible to find 'real' stockings - the sort that need a garter belt.  BUT the sex store has them --YAY!! for the sex store.

Anyway when I was there - I asked - half heartedly - if they had knee socks.  (they kinda make up a school girl's outfit ya know) And lo and behold they did.  I said to the girl serving me - "They have to be funky ya know??? I don't want plain white ones" she looked at me - and then at my legs (yes I was wearing a dress!!) And told me she had just the thing - but they only came in one size and my legs were thin (who knew!!??) so they might be a bit big........... 

She disappeared and came back with red and white striped socks!!!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven - they were perfect.  I could immediately see them with white shorts and red tshirt.  


Now I have worn them a couple of times and posted a pic of them on Fetlife....I got one straight forward comment - "brazen woman" ... LOL now I have no idea why red striped socks would bring out that particular response - but it did... (see me grinning?? I always wanted to be a "brazen woman" )

This past weekend I did a very scientific study on red striped socks at a family birthday party........ The women loved them -- the men smirked and made smart assed comments like "hey Pippi Long Stockings" 

So dear readers - here's the pic of my red striped socks - what's your opinon?? (all for the sake of science folks!!)




Hil said...

Pippi was a real bad ass girl and do are you. You go Pippi Morningstar!! I think they are funky, but then I have some similar with green pom-poms too :-)

AngelsQuest said...

I always think cat in the hat. And just as I looked at the picture again, the wicked witch of the west cause her leggings were stripped (black and white though).

More cat in the hat :)

morningstar said...

Angel - LOL wicked witch of the west eh??????? well it's better than princess LOL

Lea said...

Love the socks! I have a pair like that, black and white and fuzzy with red toes!

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