Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding Positives

There is one event that has always raised my spirits - and that is Christmas! 

For some reason I have always "aligned" myself with Grinches/Scrooges........... and nothing I did ever changed them.  (make note - you can NOT change someone) 

This Christmas I am really truly on my own............. I am free to celebrate with all the joy and enthusiasm I have tucked away inside.  

I have started my lists - not for Santa - but for me - things I want to do - things I want to make - parties I want to have - decorating and baking and the best of all - traveling down to Montreal to spend not one day - but DAYS with my grandkids!!  

I have little craft projects already started - and others tucked away in the cupboard till the time gets closer - wait till you see!!  I will share everything with you all as the time gets closer.  

I have planned out in my head where all the decorations are gonna go - especially the tree - and then taken it all down and done it again ........ and again.  

I have already made my guest list for my New Year's Day open house - and a temporary food list ........... 

I have made a list of things to take to Montreal - like a gingerbread house that the kids and I can decorate on Christmas Eve to help fill the day with memories.

I have already started making my own Christmas cards - something I used to do all the time - embossing them and adding sparkle and heartfelt words on the inside - my words from the heart.

Kids can't wait till Christmas Eve - I can't wait till the 1st of December when I can start dragging out the decorations and turning my home into a festive holiday space that will warm my heart and bring joy (I hope ) to all who visit ............... 

Only 14 more days till I start ............ I can't wait !!!



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