Monday, September 21, 2015

Visitors and headaches

One of the reasons my daughter came to visit me - was to teach me the next steps in web design.  

Let's see if I can explain it a little better .......... You know when you go to a web site and there are all these little buttons that say "click" and you do - and a new window opens or an animation starts ....... or other magic happens......... well that's the next step in my web design course.  And Eldest daughter came to teach me.

After 24 hours my brain hurt - not my head!!  not a headache !!  literally my brain hurt!!  and then I was having heart palpitations cause I just wasn't getting it....... (never mind the fact that each day she was here we both had an online course to take that was WAY above my learning curve!!)

But finally it all started to make sense and I could get the little click here button to actually click and take you to the next screen!!  and have the audio start at just the right moment - and have  text boxes magically appear - by jove she got it!!

Or at least I thought I had it!!

Daughter went home on Saturday evening.  Sunday I decided to try creating a few slides without her sitting beside me ............. and yeah I got the click buttons to sorta work - but for some reason now the audio is sporadic and buttons are appearing when they aren't supposed to............. I was pulling my hair out!!  This new process is only supposed to take me about 8 minutes I spent nearly 3 hours - H O U R S - on one slide and it still doesn't work.  

I feel so bloody stupid - and frustrated - and questioning WHY in god's name I ever thought I could actually learn this :( :(  and what a drag I am on eldest daughter :(

Now before you all think we only sat glued to our computers -- with bruised brains -- no we did manage to go to a munch on Thursday evening.  And eldest daughter got to meet some of the wonderful people who have been supporting me and holding me up and just being friends to me since I moved here.....

And on Saturday when eldest daughter's significant other came to pick her up - we all went downtown to the Fall Festival - which really involved closing down main street and having all the shops putting their end of season stuff out on the street for sale. 
But despite the cloudy skies and the drizzly rain - we did do the whole main street from top  to bottom and back again - had a lovely lunch - before the kids had to head home.

Today my poor daughter will have to take more time away from her work to skype with me and try and figure out what the hell I am doing wrong :(  God I HATE when I don't get something immediately - and I have to be a pain in the ass !!!  I am hoping it is some small glitch in my process that she will spot immediately and I will be up and running again...........

Otherwise - a gun to the head (not the computer like the picture above) might be the only way out.................  

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