Monday, September 14, 2015

The Time has Come............

On Saturday I received a text message from a friend who invited me to an impromptu party....... she had liquor and wanted some friends to share with........ 

She invited mini me too........... how could I say no??? (especially since I have been saying "honestly I can't." "No not possible" for almost 3 years.  When she texted me I thought I really don't have an excuse anymore - girls night out - ummm - could be fun right??? 

So mini me came here and picked me up - and a casserole I had made (it was dinner time and the responsible side of me could NOT see a night of drinking without some food on our stomachs) 

We sat and chatted ...then ate the casserole (which was a bit dry and not one of my best - but hey it was food)........... we then chatted some more - the sun went down - it felt late and we hadn't even started to drink.  A check of the time showed it was only just after 8 !!  HEY when did the sun start going down so early??!!  

To be honest - I have never gone to a "drinking party".......... where the purpose of the party is just to drink - and tell wild stories....... I needed some lessons..... I figured the first step was to actually get a drink in me........ good start no??

I had approximately 6 ounces of Bailey's - yeah I know not exactly a boozing type of drink........but it's all I drink these days.  My friends had one drink each.  We sat around chatting - it was very nice and comfy....... then I started yawning - and we all know how contagious yawning is........... 

Then we checked the time  -- it was 11:30 and we were all done in.  In fact we hadn't had a drink in so long we were safe to drive............ so no sleep over  -- no drunken pillow fights.... I came home to my lil apartment and a very indignant Missy who bitched at me till I was in bed about staying out SO late!!

Sunday morning - about 5 hours after I had closed my eyes - my eyes popped open....... what was that banging???!!!  

OH MY GOD -- it was my head.  Throbbing!!

I sat up and the bloody room spun around.

I quickly laid back down and closed my eyes.......... how many drinks HAD I had the night before ......... yup only 1 - a big one - but nevertheless only 1............ 

I finally managed to get myself upright and put the coffee on - coffee would make me feel better right??? NOOOOOO not even close - it went down the drain.

I collapsed on the sofa and closed my eyes - this too shall pass !!!

And there I stayed -- all day long!!  

The headache finally eased sometime around mid afternoon..... I finally managed to get some homemade bean and bacon soup down me around 5..... 

And -- believe it or not -- at 6 p.m I was pulling some clothes on cause I had another party to go to............ this time not a drinking party but a make up party - 

It would seem I am turning into a party animal............. 

BUT seriously - I am just way too old for this shit!! 

I think the next party I want to go to is one where I get my ass whipped - or have electric currents run through my body - or some other form of torture - my recuperation time is ohhh so much quicker 

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the old tried and true hangover treatment: hair of the dog! It's usually the last thing you want, but it does work!

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