Thursday, April 16, 2015


Yup - that pretty much describes it...... a tornado in my head.  Loud windy noises blowing round and round deafening me.......

I get on the treadmill every single bloody day at the gym and I walk miles trying to sort out the words - thousands and millions of words and feelings........ 

I go to yoga and try and focus on NOW - clear the noise and the distractions - but they sneak in the edges and poke me.

Some days I run from the house and walk and walk - miles - up one street down another ... trying to leave behind the tornado in my head - the noise - the words - the sadness

BUT it follows me where ever I go - whatever I do - because it is inside me.. I can not run away from the words.. the feelings.... I am going to have to sort them out.

I want to put all the words here .... in whatever order ....... and try and sort them out - like a puzzle - fit all the pieces together so I can find myself - cause I must be hidden in there somewhere - I MUST BE.


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