Saturday, April 04, 2015

Submissive heart

All I know in my heart is submission - to please and be pleasing.

I don't always achieve that lofty goal and when I don't it feels as though my world is crashing in around me.

When I am chastised for some failure/mistake my heart breaks - my internal dialogue says "you are not good enough - you didn't try hard enough - work on it work on it work on it"

And I do work on it and work on it and work on it - till my body drops from exhaustion and my brain spins

My submissive heart drives me to perfection - a perfection I will never achieve - because in a blink of an eye - a word a phrase a small action will shatter the drive for perfection into a million pieces.

And I lie broken 


Sir said...

you don't always fail and you DO strive to be perfection butt there are IDIOTS ( so called experts ) that really should keep their Fing mouths shut!!!

So when they show up in your life and put their feet in their mouths about something you have done, then just learn to shut them out of your mind !!!!


Anonymous said...

Listen to you Sir....He knows best!

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