Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Ya know how sometimes you see pictures of adults gone missing - on facebook - the local news ...... and everyone is looking for them - for some information on their whereabouts??

On Sunday while I was driving the long flat highway to Montreal - I thought how easy it would be to keep driving - to follow the highway forever - to the end - where the road meets the ocean.

It was a strange feeling for me.  I have always felt very grounded in where I have lived.  But I realized - especially returning from Montreal - that Montreal is no longer my home... and Kingston really isn't home either.

I honestly have no responsibilities any more - no job to get up for - no one needing me or expecting anything of me...... no grounding.. nothing to hold me down....... I could one day just point the car in some direction and see where the road takes me........... maybe to where the road ends ...... at some ocean.......... and then I would sit and watch the waves lap the shore - and listen to the seagulls call - and wiggle my toes in the wet sand and watch as the water washes my mark away.

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Anonymous said...

i would come looking for you my friend. do not drive away an not look back. *hugs*

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