Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Celebrations

Well I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday to do the 2 1/2  - 3 hour drive to youngest daughter's for brunch.  My eldest daughter managed to make it down as well - so I had a nice visit with all my family (well what's left of them) had been way too long.

I broke my one cardinal rule - no candy at Easter - and arrived with Easter  baskets for all 3 boys filled to over flowing with yummy Easter chocolate ......... my daughter will thank me I am sure :)

After brunch (pictures to follow) my eldest grandson and I set out to see a movie.  I was a little surprised with his choice of film - "Home".  Mind you as someone else said - it is great to have grandchildren as an excuse to see some of these children movies.  Much to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Once we got back from the movie - dinner preparations were well underway - but I decided it was time to head out back on the highway and do the drive home before it got dark.  (not my favourite thing driving at night - especially alone in the car)

Now for the promised pictures........

and of course there were pancakes and scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes and bacon and sausage and cinnamon rolls - all of which I forgot to snap - and the pics of the kids - well I am thinking they are best left on more vanilla pages........ 

Almost 6 hours alone in the car with my music blaring (Melissa Etheridge - if anyone is interested) gave me lots of time to think....... for memories to float in and away  - for promises made and broken.  I think I wrote 6 blogs on that drive........ who knows I might actually write them out .. edit them.. and post them one day when I think my soul can handle it.


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