Monday, February 16, 2015

Into the GREAT debate..........

Yup - that debate - Fifty Shades of Grey.

There are so many damn debates going on right now about this movie (50 Shades) that it makes my head spin.  It also makes me wonder when we forgot the difference between fiction and reality. 

AND it's not the first erotic BDSM movie to stir up debates either.

Back in 2002 the movie The Secretary  was about to be released.  The BDSM folks were up in arms......... "my god!  Lee (the secretary) was an emotional mess - released from a psychiatric hospital - prone to cutting herself........ what message is THAT going to give to the vanilla community??!!!  Obviously they are all going to think we are escapees from a mental institution" 

And let's go back even further - way back to the dark ages -  to 1954 when a book was released - title "The Story of O" .  The book was criticized strongly by feminists who suggested the book encouraged the abuse of women.

Have our reactions to movies/literature changed in all these years?? 


And fear.......... my god the fear I hear/read about the curious vanilla folk sticking their noses into FetLife and any other alternate website.  OH THE HORROR !!!  What are we going to do with all these vanilla folks poking around????

I would suggest we tidy up the place - dust and mop and spruce it all is coming 

They will come and they will read our blogs and perv our pictures and videos and read our notes and journal entries.  AND if something speaks to their inner soul they may just move in - sit themselves down and watch and learn and get involved.  WOW what a concept!  They might even contribute something worthwhile one day.  Hell they might even start a group ......... and hold munches and play parties.  What a novel idea!

Because we were them once upon a time - we took a deep breath and stepped bravely from the vanilla world into the world of smoke and shadows that somehow / some way had reached into our inner most souls and called to us.  And how we got to HERE is not important - whether it was The Story of O, The Secretary or any of the other erotic BDSM works of fiction.  We are here.......... and I would venture a guess - for the most part - very glad we are here.  And very thankful for the folks who came before us opening the doors - sprucing up the place - welcoming us and offering to show us the way.

I say thank god for the erotic movies and books that make some folks twitch and run for cover, cause they spoke to my inner soul - they pushed me through the doors into the smoke and shadows and led me to some great folks who taught me and guided me and supported me

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