Thursday, February 26, 2015

Here we go again...........

Well I saw the doc yesterday.  

The first question she asked me "did the meds work" 
Answer "nope" not at all'

She nodded as though that was the answer she expected...... which today - having had time to think about it - makes me go WTF?

She then said I had two choices - 1) to have yet another biopsy in the office or 2) be hospitalized - undergo day surgery - and let her get a really good sample and have a really good look.

I picked #2.  Having a biopsy in the office with no anesthetic or freezing was not something I would volunteer for (been there 3 times - got the Tshirt and keep trying to throw it out!)

So sometime in the next 6 - 8 weeks I will be going back into hospital.  I am feeling frustrated and angry ...... it's enough NOW!  I am retired - I want to laugh and love and not be constantly thinking about a failing body or doctor's appointments or painful procedures.

And then I wondered this morning - if this set of doctors just wanted to give me time to get through the bladder cancer....cause one of the questions she asked me was the status of the bladder cancer. She also went out of her way to reassure me that things would probably turn out well.  

So ........ here we go again........ and hopefully soon things will start to turn around .....   


abby said... I know it is almost an impossible task..but try not to over think this. Sending as many good vibes your way as possible..
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

There's my worry girl.

So what I hear you worrying about is "did they let this slide while they dealt with the bladder cancer?" If that's it, I'm gonna pull your pedastel out from underneath you. If they thought it needed to be worked on at the same time, they would have.

Extra large subbie hug from mini me

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