Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring has Sprung?

For any number of reasons I have not ventured out to the gardens yet this spring... main reason being - they were all still covered in SNOW (which is now a four letter word in this house!!)

BUT baby daughter posted some pics on Facebook of her spring bulbs sprouting through the snow which made me wonder about our bulbs.

Last fall W and I were out shopping at Costco and they had bags and bags filled with bulbs and more bulbs.  So we bought 3 bags (what the HELL was I thinking buying 3 bags??!!)

Anyway................ last fall I planted (squeezed in) all the bulbs we had bought.  Please note that clearly written on the bags (which of course I didn't keep) were the words "squirrel repellant".  So I planted 'em all and smiled smugly knowing that the squirrels wouldn't like them.

Fast forward one day - yeah only one day.  The word was out.  The crazy lady had opened a buffet for squirrels.. rabbits.. and the occasional small raccoon.

As the animals lined up to take their turn digging these delicious delicacies out of the dark earth I stood in the window grinding my teeth and cursing.

I dashed outside and chased them away.  As I turned to walk back in the house I swore I heard them laughing at me - I turned and they were back!!  

I would stand in the front window and bang on the glass trying to scare the squirrels out of my front gardens.  I would run around the back gardens frantically waving my arms like a madwoman to try and keep them out of the gardens and save my bulbs.  

Finally I just collapsed in total defeat and let them eat / devour my "squirrel repellant" bulbs.

So venturing outside this spring to see my bulbs was - I assumed - going to be a lesson in defeat.  BUT curiosity got the better of me.  And  yesterday afternoon - during an April shower (monsoon) I walked around to the front gardens 

Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw this................. 

and this..................

I do believe the secret is planting SO many bulbs the squirrels lose track of them - or some such thing.  Now if these poor baby bulbs can survive the ravishing stampeding herds of starving bunnies  - I may actually get a spring flower or two.


abby said...

Enjoy it is snowing here this morning...ARGHHHH
hugs abby

Sharon S said...

Hurray! At least it is happening somewhere. Thank goodness you went big (as in go big or go home). If your critters don't take everything you will have beautiful cut flowers for your table (love the color yellow).

Hugs, Sharon

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