Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Dreaded Change

A number of people have asked me recently how I am handling the huge changes coming in my life.............. which truthfully did give me pause.  Usually when change looms on my horizon I immediately go into a corner in the fetal position and wait till the worst is over.

 I realized - for the most part - that is not happening this time.  It has been a process for sure - and not something I have dreaded (too much) or been frightened of........... and yeah I have to admit it has amazed me.

But I was asked this past week a question that I didn't really answer - cause I had a brain fart and couldn't put the emotions/feelings into coherent words.

I was asked if this relationship with W was going to be vanilla from now on - 'cause that was how it looked to this person.  

This is the first time that W and I will actually live together for more than a weekend or a week.  24/7 - 365 days of the year.  I think that most are figuring it ain't gonna work.  These people only see the "me" I let the world see.  The administrator - the strong woman who has stood on her own two feet - mostly alone - for the last 20 years or so.

I don't let people see the "me" inside.  shrug - cause truthfully it ain't none of their business.  

i know that D/s or M/s or whatever the hell you want to call it will be lovingly and carefully sculpted by W and me.  It won't be any "50 Shades of Grey" or " Story of O" sort of D/s or M/s or whatever the hell you want to call it/ label it. We won't read the net and think we aren't doing it right cause everyone else does it differently.  

NO our D/s will be just that........OURS...... it will fill our needs and wants and desires and if from the outside it looks vanilla - shrug - well that's YOUR opinion........... for U/us it will be something that fits like a comfy slipper molded to us - to our life together

And if it takes the rest of our lives to get it just right - who cares - Change is a process not an event!!!


little monkey said...

I guess I am clueless because I never thought, "It's not going to work". I always though it will probably work brilliantly, because of the D/s. You two have already honed your ways of relating to each other over the years. IMO, that is the hardest part of a "new" relationship. You two know how to negotiate the "he leaves the toothpaste cap off" kind of issues.And if there needs to be a tie breaker, as sometimes there is, you can negotiate that too (Dom wins?) :)

Ordalie said...

HA HA HA, you had me choking on my coffee. The sleazy jerk we've got as head of state was elected last year. And during the campaing his preposterous slogan was precisely "Change is now!"

sensualfreak said...

I see this as just another progression in your journey. To me it seem a natural one that could have been expected.

You are correct. This is your D/s or M/s relationship. The individuals define it and modify it when needed.

I would have never thought you would go vanilla or be unsuccessful. Congrats!!!

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