Saturday, June 08, 2013

Little Changes

Almost a year ago we found this little house in Kingston - my dream retirement city.  Almost a year ago I started to picture this lil house as ours - with our "stuff" and us in it.... maybe not "our" dream home - but certainly my dream home!!
We are combining two households into one. It is happening - small square foot by small square foot - a transformation is happening.

Every Friday when I arrive another piece to the puzzle - that will be our new home - has been carefully fitted and placed.

This Friday night the small pieces worked on this week overwhelmed me - I walked from room to room gasping at the work W had done during the week.......... my red curtains in my quiet room had been hung........... my blessed bulletin board that I post all my brightly coloured "post-it" notes on (my answer to electronic calendars!!) was hanging in my quiet room ... pictures hung in the bathroom (YES the bathroom - it has 4 walls right??!!  just like every other room - so why not hang pictures!!)  BUT best of all - my kimono was hung in the stairwell........ dramatic deep blue with red and gold dragon (god only knows how W got it up there - straight as an arrow too !)

Yes my dream (maybe W's too) of our lil dream house in Kingston is coming together....... and I feel very very lucky to have a Sir who moves heaven and earth to make this house feel like home for me... and be my geisha retreat !!   


Anonymous said...

This post gave me such a warm lovely feeling. I'm so happy for you !

(one of my verification words is undiscording, how appropo)

Blondie said...

Wow! That is the most awesome thing I have heard in a very long time. I hope that your house is as wonderful as your husband is. Enjoy it and your retirement

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