Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeling a tad bitchy

I saw this picture this morning and my knee jerk reaction to it was "oh BITE ME" 

Think positive - grrrrrrrrrrrrr - nothing positive is gonna get me through the next 3 weeks of living in two cities - in two different houses  - NOTHING!!  Never mind trying to keep the lid on 400 kids who have cabin fever from all this bloody rain - and can see summer break just around the corner

Last weekend I had a new subbie group over for coffee - and discovered that the honey I should have had in Kingston was actually in Montreal........ 

I am in Montreal and my warm clothing for cold weather is in Kingston - so I bring some warm clothing back to Montreal and it gets HOT-ish.  

I had bought 3 weekends of train passes to Kingston (cause dontcha know it - my car is acting up and I don't have the time to get it fixed in Montreal - and am praying it will hold on till I drive that last long drive down the 401 right into the dealer's parking lot and announce "Fix it!" at the end of June) and of course because without bad luck I would have no luck at all - our train system is scheduled to go on strike this FRIDAY morning!!  and there isn't a bus seat to be had........ so I am trying to negotiate some sort of seat on some damn train that might be running on Friday night ...

I am trying to hire contractors in Kingston - while I am in Montreal - to build a deck - put in flower beds and maybe even a water feature - and it's like they don't need the work?!  cause they don't see the need for prompt quotes or estimates.... if at all.  Answers to my emails for requests for quotes go something like this "send me your address I'll drop by" WTF?!  I am discovering the meaning of small town - and Kingston time.

I look at the calendar and there are still 3 weeks till I retire - It felt like I must surely be down to two weeks............ and in those 3 weeks I have one weekend (this one) where I can't find transportation to Kingston - the following weekend W and I have a wedding to go to here - which now that I think of it - I really don't want to go..... and then the last weekend of packing up the car (saying a prayer over it) and driving to Kingston.... (ok ok I just realized that means only 2 weekends left here - ok ok so that might be a good thing)

I had to get it out there - well most of what is making me grind my teeth - the rest isn't for public consumption...........and now try to move into my day

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