Thursday, September 01, 2011

Not very politically correcty

This is Fetish Weekend in Montreal.  It is the 7th year.  So I guess it is pretty much an annual event.  

I have been giving it a lot of thought this year.....and asking more than a few people if they are attending.  The folks I asked said no...... it was expensive and not exactly their cup of tea.  They were very polite ... very politically correct.  

W and I are going to the vendor's show on Saturday - cause I have to return a corset and the woman I bought it from is one of the vendor's this weekend.  But that is all we are doing.  I have been so busy at work this week that I haven't done much thinking about the weekend - but tonite I went on Fetlife to discover that the "weekend" actually started yesterday.... and goes to Monday.

There were all sorts of pictures up............... and all I could think was ...... 'it looks like a BIG Hallowe'en party for grown ups'.  And yes yes I know that is not a very politically correct statement.. my whole feelings about this weekend are pretty negative.  It seems to me that it is a bunch (huge international bunch) of pretty people dressing up.. and parading from one party to another - where they stand and model - and oogle all the other pretty people dressed up......... 

I keep asking myself what it all has to do with BDSM.. and then I really do try and stop myself - and remind myself of the adage we live by "your kink, my kink" but. sadly, I am not doing very well.  I just kinda stare at the pictures and try and understand it all......... but I can honestly say I am not succeeding.

I can't wait till all this hype is over.......... and W and I can back to our S/M play parties and I can get my ass whipped........ cause god I need a good whipping...... and that is something I understand!!

For those of you not versed in our Fetish Weekend.. here's some pics I found from previous years............ 



Buffalo said...

When you watch the interaction individuals with a group formed around a shared interest you will find any number of "kids playing dress up." Hell, in many ways they act like kids in a secret club.

It's almost funny. No. Scratch the almost. It ain't a thing. Just human nature in action.

Hermione said...

I love the label you gave this post: "Just plain weird". Yes, it is. But I'm sure they all have fun.


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