Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Leather Curtain

Do you know this woman???

No... well I am thinking maybe you should get to know her .... Her name is Dr. Charley Ferrer.

She is (apparently) the "Ann Landers for the 21st century" ..or an updated version of "Masters and Johnson" ... She is working to de-mystify the world of BDSM.  Or as I read.. "she is pulling back the leather curtain"  ... I like that term... the leather curtain... 

Anyway.......... she has a couple of books "BDSM The Naked Truth" and "BDSM for writers".  I have not read the books - nor have I heard her speak.  I do know I am the  consummate "Doubting Thomas"....... I would like to know what she has to say.. without reading her books.  I want to know how she knows what she says she knows about BDSM.  In short I want to know if she can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

And ya know what?? The best part is .. she is doing live interviews at Eden Fantasys till Sunday the 18th.  I am going to be honest with you.. .I have no idea how this interview feature works.. BUT .. I am going to head over as soon as I finish writing this blog... and invite you to join me over there........ 

Let's find out if she IS as good as she sounds.. what do you say ?? Up for it?? Let's go then.. meet you THERE...

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