Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finding peace

It is certainly no secret around this blog - my love of all things Asian............ my tremendous respect and admiration for the geisha.  

I have been trying over these last months - almost a year - to find a peaceful place inside me - for when things get rough - stressful - worrisome - to escape to........... my own zen garden - so to speak. 

Most times i am successful - i find a quiet place in the maddening rush of the day - and take myself - sometimes forcefully - to the quiet zen garden in my mind - and just breath deeply and let the calmness wash over me.... allowing me to return to the maddening crush of the day a little calmer..... a little more peaceful....


there is also a fierce-some samurai warrior inside me - that can (and does) rush into the foray from time to time raging war on all that is wrong.........or seems wrong.  

Unfortunately yesterday was one of those days........ a day when the hypocrisy of the situation overwhelmed me ......... when the geisha could find no peace in the zen garden .. when the voice of the samurai raged inside my head.  

What you read here yesterday on the Journey - was the end result of my "going Poof" over on FL.  I cannot stand by and watch while hypocrites spew forth their venom on innocent gaga drooling fans. Did you know we have "beauty pagents" in the BDSM community - ok ok I call it a beauty pageant - because the contest the contestants enter is so far removed from what I know as BDSM it becomes a fantasy.  

One such beauty contestant from Montreal won the International Leather contest......... and is now a self proclaimed prophet ........ and healer of all our problems here.  (gag me with a pitch fork!!)  I knew her when.............. and so it makes swallowing all this hype that much more difficult.

In a nutshell - she has declared herself our 'saviour' (I didn't know we needed one - but hey........ who am I to question this goddess' wisdom)  I watch from the sidelines as she has started project after project - only to find excuses to end them......... (lack of focus is my guess ) 

Anyway - her BIG project / crusade has been to declare the Montreal community divided and declare herself our savior - she WILL bring the warring sides together.  If you know anything at all about Montreal - Quebec - you know we have 2 solitudes (to coin an old phrase) the French and the English - it has been that way since time began.  These two solitudes seep into almost every aspect of life here.  I know!  I have been here 60+ years .......... (she on the other hand - if anyone is interested - has been here 10 short years)  

In truth - for the most part - we all live harmoniously side by side - until some nut case decides we should "separate" or that we are a community that needs "fixing".

I have been watching as she goes about fixing things that don't need fixing.  BUT this latest inclusive policy of hers is so hypocritical that I came out of the shadows and said my piece

The latest healing of the great divide is to form a "Leather Group" - but it is by invitation only.  Now if that is not exclusive (rather than inclusive) I don't know what is!!!

And oh my god............... we have folks rushing off to her on their knees begging to be allowed into this closed sanctum.  WTF??!!!  The Leather Community has always been open to one and all............ it is a will of the wisp type of community - yes - but it has always been there........... for anyone......... and EVERYONE.

So the samurai warrior inside came raging out - 


Late yesterday evening - the geisha found her zen garden - wrapped up in a bubble bath.  I realize that eventually all fires burn themselves out......... with .......... or without help.  So I will retreat to the shadows - and continue to live MY life with integrity and grace.............. 

All fires eventually burn themselves out.


a hidden slave said...

indeed...and empty vessels make the most noise! Enjoy your "garden"

viemoira said...

Great analogies!

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