Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This 'n That

I think truthfully I have more fun finding illustrations for my blog - than I do actually writing one.  It always amazes me how many pictures are out there on the web...... on every topic one can think of!!!   Amazing.


I saw the most amazing outfit yesterday.  Honestly I didn't know if I was going to laugh or cry.  Tuesday's have become coffee days with drakor.  He has been showing off his new female garb each time we go over.  Yesterday there was nothing set in stone.  W had a lunch meeting and probably wouldn't make it.  I was going shopping to a big box store with eldest daughter - and big box stores tend to exhaust me - even on good days... the noise .... the bright lights.. the confusion.  BUT drakor tempted us with a description of his outfit for the day.  (Now I should tell you - he dresses in female garb even if we aren't coming to visit )  His description was - I will be wearing a bright pink bra with a grass skirt.  

Well when I got home from shopping I sat down to have lunch - and oh let me tell you that chair felt ohhhhhhhhh so good.  But then I thought to myself - get your ass out of the chair and go have coffee with drakor.  So I went.  Truthfully I had completely forgotten the wardrobe description or I swear !!  I would have brought my camera.  When he opened the door - he was indeed wearing a bright pink bra (maybe a training bra??  All I know is it fit perfectly !!!

The grass skirt ......... well what can be said about it... it was a yellowy green grass skirt.  And I have to say - drakor's body did the outfit justice.  I don't know too many women - never mind men - who could pull it off.

I am really fed up with poor workmanship.  I bought new glasses about 18 months ago.  I have been back to the optician's office at least 4 times because the nose piece was too tight and digging into my nose........... and god it hurt.  At one point the bridge of my nose was actually bruised from the damn thing. 

Then about a week ago the cushion thing on the nose piece fell off.  Now granted I should have gone right back in...... so yes it is my fault...... but I have been wearing glasses that now has a metal piece biting into my nose.  ughhhhhhhhhh

Well I reached my breaking point...... I have a feeling because one side is broken and the other one isn't...... my glasses are off kilter and therefore make reading or writing..... hell SEEING........ very difficult.  And I am wondering if that is why I have been having headaches.  

I just called them and guess what ??!! they aren't open yet.  BUT I want to go in NOW.  It is 9:30, it's not like it is 5:00am when I hit that wall of "I can't take this anymore!!"........ sigh....... Hopefully they will get fixed today.... I have reached my limit.

And talking about workmanship.......... a couple of summers ago I bought new patio tiles for my secret garden.  They were made from recycled rubber (mainly car tires apparently) and supposedly you just plunked them down and they were good to go - for like - forever.  

The next summer they had all curled up at the corners.  So W and I went and bought some sort of glue stuff and relaid them all - with glue.

Last summer the corners had started to lift and curl again.

This summer they are worse............ and I am going to have to figure out what to use to get them to lie down flat and last forever as advertised.  sighhhhhhhhhh


Eldest daughter who got laid off from her career in March and whose loving (tongue in cheek adjective) husband walked out on her May 1st has found part time work.  She is working in a local sex shop.  Her first day was yesterday and I just got off the phone with her.  She loves it !!!  It is "amazing" It is "fun" It is "exciting" 

Lucky mom got a run down on the products they sell..... and she is already talking about which toys she wants to buy.......... and god what her hubbie is missing out on....... and god how she wishes she had a "guinea pig" Doesn't want a relationship....... just wants someone to try out all these toys and ideas on.  


And have I told you all I HATE my new haircut??!!!  Why can't hairdressers just do what you ask them to??? I wanted a summer cut.  Basically one length - but layered in the back and slanted towards my face (hard to explain in words - I gave her a picture!)  And instead she sectioned/layered/whatever the hell you call it all my hair so now when I wash and dry I bloody look like my mother....... and it doesn't move.... it just sits there on top of my head looking poofy ......... and I HATE POOFY!!!


We have had so much rain this spring that most of us here in the Great White North are seriously considering building an Ark.  Now I really shouldn't complain and have tried very hard not to.... there are so many that have been flooded out.. lost their homes to these rainy days and rising river levels ....... but honestly Mother Nature ....... we need some sun.... and more than just a couple of days of it... and then a week or so of more rain.........

And this it I think for my "this 'n that" ........ just wanted to bring you all up to date.

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swan said...

I know your "this and that's" weren't all meant to be funny -- and maybe it is just that I am so utterly exhausted, but this made me giggle... Thanks for the lift.


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