Monday, May 30, 2011


The other day I made an off hand cheeky  comment about how clean my house is....... and it is ......... for the most part.

BUT ..........

I have a bathroom downstairs in the basement.  A bathroom that had been locked and inaccessible when W had his train setup in the basement.  A bathroom that has not been cleaned for years.......... YEARS!! 

When the train set got moved back to W's last spring..... I opened the door and nearly died - the spider webs were thick - just like in some horror film.  You had to brush them apart to even enter the room.  It was disgusting.

Now being the clean freak I am - you'd think I would have been in there with javel and rubber gloves scrubbing it from top to bottom.

You'd be wrong.

I just couldn't face the cobwebs - the dirt - and the fact the toilet never worked properly in there anyway.

So I closed the door on the dirt and webs and ......just let it go.

It has been another year of spiders spinning and dirt collecting.........

And then drakor invited dominants in the area to use his services for a 2 day period on his blog. 

I thought about it for a few days....... discussed it with W....... then emailed drakor to get some specifics. 

He is coming tomorrow to clean the downstairs bathroom - in slave mode.  (yeah yeah I can hear my frequent readers saying "oh no here we go again"! For those of you not in the know - so to speak - I did try domming drakor a few years back.  Let's just say it didn't turn out as well as any of us had hoped)

But I am thinking this is a bit different......... this isn't really for him........ I am just accepting his offer of service for 2 days (hopefully it won't take that long to get the bathroom cleaned) AND I certainly know what I want from him as far as cleaning goes. 

So all I have to do is add a little twist or two to make him feel in slave mode...... and I get a clean (and hopefully working) bathroom again! 

The only drawback I see - is what the hell do I DO while he is slaving away naked in the basement........ hopefully the sun will be out - then I think I will busy myself in the gardens.  Slaves really should be ignored - except when it is white glove inspection time........ right??


Reilynne said...

Personally knowing drakor I would suggest that you inspect his work often and make sure he is doing the task the way it is supposed to be done.

Hmmm.... and if he is done sooner I have some outside work that needs doing, a fence that needs mending, and some stain.

LOL I can just see it now all the neighbors wondering who the half naked man is in the back yard trying to fix my fence. Doesn't he like humiliation?

Can't wait to see your new bathroom! (or new to us)

Buffalo said...

I was gonna leave a pithy,(notice the th), until the idea of taking two days to clean a basement terlet overwhelmed me. Overwhelmed, I say.

D said...

I am sure you can find a few other tasks for him to do. Maybe your light fixtures need cleaning or your siding pressure washed or the carpeting brushed with a toothbrush...

Whitesnake said...

Let me grab another beer and have a think!
Wanna join me?

Anonymous said...

lol - hope the inspection goes well! (or perhaps went well- I am quite behind reading).

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