Thursday, May 19, 2011

More This 'n That

Ok..... because I am SO nice I thought I would update you all on my "yesterday's This 'n That" 

The optician finally called me at 10:30  and told me I could come in any time.. so off I went.. They replaced the nose piece and the pads and scolded me cause the nose piece was dirty........ excuse me ??!!!  I am now wearing make up - cause everyone says I look so much better when I wear make up.. now I am supposed to apply make up remover to my glasses..... sigh...... sometimes life can get so damn complicated.

Then I went to the hardware store to get something to stick down those damn recycled patio stones...... I actually found a knowledgeable sympathic young guy... who got me some stuff that works like caulking (thank god - I don't think I could face more of the glue stuff we used the last time) and said it was contractor grade "glue".  I want to believe him I really really do!!!!  Only next spring will tell how right he was.  Of course he added I couldn't use the stuff until it stops raining and everything dries up........ so maybe it will be next spring before I get to use it..... (see me sigh??)

Then because I felt like I was on a roll.. I went to the grocery store to pick up some coffee then the drugstore to pick up my fiber pills......... and discovered at the drugstore I no longer had my interact card.  Dear god in heaven!!!!  that is my life line.... I never carry cash.  So I flew back to the grocery store - they didn't have it.. searched the parking lot (in the rain of course) and didn't find it.. and had to make a trip to the bank to cancel it......... where I sat for 30 minutes waiting to see someone......... I HATE waiting.

Once that was taken care of I came home...... pooped...... had lunch .,., had a nap.. then came on line to surf and read blogs and just wake up (I HATE napping in the afternoon)
That's when I discovered that the nose piece on my glasses was now way too tight.. and my poor nose is bruising again.  Honestly !!!  I am about ready to buy a white cane and throw the damn glasses out.  In frustration I bent the nose piece myself and I think I may have fixed the problem myself........ I hope so....... cause a bruised nose is no fun.


Now for some reason I can`t get that cute curly-cue line to separate the page....... 


Today W and I are supposed to be going out to the Island for the 4 year olds graduation from Prek - go figure - graduation from Prek!!  I have the pizza and the banana crumb cake ready to go... .as well as promised lawn chairs, empty flower pots and a small garden table.

So I am off to wash the hair and scowl at the crappy poofy hair cut.. put on make up and try and remember to wash the nose piece at the end of the day.

Life is full of ``this `n that``


Buffalo said...

An optician scolds you and a child 'graduates' from prek....


Anonymous said...

If the caulking does not work then maybe liquid nail would?!

I don't recall if I told you or not but blogger shut me down so I am now with wordpress at I move the Friday Non-Fiction info as well and updated the button.


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