Thursday, May 26, 2011


I know this isn't a new topic around here.......... but obviously it is one that really "frosts my britches" !!!  It happened Saturday evening at the event W and I were at....... and I thought if I just ignored the whole episode - I would calm down.

BUT it is Thursday - and it is still rankling me.

This domme that I know came over to say her "hellos" ........ and chat a bit.  The conversation soon got around to ......... "Did you know??" (she asked) " That there are 3 fractures happening in the community?"

Oh Wow !!!  Imagine that........... fractures in our lil community???!!!  Who would have thunk it???

No one except me.  (it would seem)

I smiled and nodded a lot.  Some people just like to look/feel/be at the center of the politics ...... I am definitely not one of them.

These fractures have been going on since Jesus walked on earth for god's sakes.  They happen in the work place...... they happen in vanilla social circles ....... they ...... just... happen!!!  get over it........ get over yourself.  You aren't gonna fix them.... Just leave well enough alone. 

I managed to steer the conversation away from the infighting and onto "well W and I don't go out to all the events - we pick and chose our favourites"  She jumped right in and said that the V club was gone........... and I answered "yes .......but they are just moving (so I read) and will be back in September" (not that I much cared - as it has turned into a sex everywhere type of club and I told her so ..............and said that W and I were not interested in participating in that aspect of BDSM or in being (feeling like) peeping Toms)  She then nodded sagely - and hinted it might not be back.  I did an internal shrug but asked the question I thought she was dying for me to ask...... "Why not!!"  Well then the conversation got all vague and secretive... "she has a child you know.. it is so much like my situation" blah blah blah.........

Now I am not saying I don't like this domme.....cause I do !!!....... I know she is very political .. and wants to be very involved in the community.......... But years of experience have taught me that I am not that sort of person.  I have seen leaders (and wannabe leaders) come and go..... I am still here... still playing... still having fun...... I try to be friendly to everyone on every side of the fractured community..... I try not to pick sides.. I try to be very a-political.  (politely put....... really I couldn't give a damn about the politics)

One other issue I have ..... and as I am on a roll here...... I might as well keep going.

Since when did it become OK to bring your camera to a public event and snap pictures whenever your lil heart feels like it???   Oh you may be only taking a picture of so and so's ass or crotch or rope work ........ good for you....... BUT ........ did you check the faces exposed in the background of that shot???!!!  No?? You should.  I know W never ever takes a picture of anyone without checking the faces in the background... without erasing any picture that exposes some unsuspecting subject.  I don't trust everyone else to be so cautious.  AND the only time W takes pictures is most often at the very beginning of an event..... and they are posed ....... and everyone is more or less informed to stay out of the way !!!  Very unlike the photographer on Saturday evening who wandered around snapping shots here there and everywhere.

So...... I have issues.  They won't disappear.  They haven't in the 20+ plus years I have been involved here in the Great White North.  Just every once in a long while I feel the need to bitch about them.


drakor66 said...

totally agree

swan said...

Cameras? At public play events? REALLY?!?!?!? Who runs these things. The events I've been to -- bringing a camera in gets you ejected and banned. Period.


butterfly said...

We go to a group once in a while that just had an issue with cameras. There is/was one person allowed to shoot scenes and he did it with the express permission of anyone in the shot, and if anyone protested it was erased. Apparently some people decided since he had a camera, they could have a camera. All cameras have now been banned completely.

As for the politics, we are like you. We're aware of what goes on, but we stay out of it as much as possible. I think politics will always keep us from being very's just not worth the bs.


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