Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling Good

When I first recovered from the surgery and all the damn complications....... everyone that saw me kept saying how good I looked - how skinny.  It felt really good - for once in my life I was actually flattered,

Well it has been 2 months since those days,  I am still measuring myself once a week (don't weigh myself - haven't got a set of scales - because I obsess over the numbers on the scale) and the inches are still slowly disappearing ( a quarter of an inch at a time) But the complements have stopped - and so they should.  I am thinner it is a fact and no longer necessary to tell me.

But yesterday I went shopping for a pair of pants.  (Because the pair I bought somehow got ruined with bleach like spots).  While I was at the shop I saw a cute - really cute - lil black strapless dress.  AND everyone knows that every woman should have at least one cute lil black dress.  So I decided to try it on.

When I came out of the changing room the clerk said to me 'you need a smaller size' !!!  I thought I was walking on air........ those were the nicest words anyone could say to me.. a smaller size..... wow !!!

The other amazing thing...... if you can follow this bouncing ball....... W loved me in dresses - but the bigger I got - the less I wore dresses, until  I didn't wear one ever.  Yesterday when I put the dress on....... I realized it did look good on me ..... and it isn't long .. and it isn't big and flowing - it is actually fitted..... and it looked good on me.

I was thinking on my way home that I don't need any other incentive to keep the weight off - or to lose the last 20 pounds - just feeling good in my clothes is enough.. just being able to buy clothes off the rack ...... being able to wear a fitted dress knowing how much it will please W ......... all internal personal reasons.  No more trying to lose weight for someone else.. the feelings inside me are all the drive I need..... and boy does that feel good !!! 


drakor66 said...

hmmm measuring tapes some times are scary, lol perhaps you should wait before altering the leather dress.

Whitesnake said...

So long as it doesn't all become anorexic!

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