Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Medical Update

Hello everyone,

This is Warren ( Sir ) and I thought I would just let you know that morningstar went back in the hospital this morning for a couple days ( so the Medicals say )  for tests ( already had a nuclear one ), a good rest and lots of nutrition so she can be with all her blogger friends real soon.

If and when I know/have more information I will post it on my blog ( since I might knot get access to her computer again ).

Keep her in your good thoughts !!!!



Anonymous said...

Here is hoping that all will be well with ehr soon and that recovery is on its way!


BlazngScarlet said...

Thank you for the update Warren.
I am really hoping that morningstar starts getting better soon.

Keeping you both in my thoughts ....

nancy said...

Thanks for the update.. and wow.. this sure has been a complicated recovery.
I hope she's finally really going to get some proper medical attention!

Sue said...

Thank you, Warren, for the update. Please do give her a hug for me, and wish her well... I hope they get her on the mend again very soon.


PKB said...

WT, I'm a happy camper now!!!

Thanks so much and give her my love!


Buffalo said...

Damn! Sincere good thoughts coming her way.

saffy said...

sorry to hear that morning star is back in hospital again, but hopefully this time they fix the problem. Please Sir, can You send her a hug from me (saffy) and best wishes from both Master and i.
(and please remember to look after You as well while morning star isnt able, as she will need You when she gets out of hospital.
light and hugs


Please send my best wishes to Morningstar. I hope that the Hospital can get her sorted out.


a hidden slave said...

Here's hoping that things get sorted out for her very soon and she begins to feel better.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the update i hope this ends soon for her and she gets back on her feet!


Whitesnake said...

tell her I came by. Happy thoughts xx

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