Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hours - days later - as predicted - the tears come. They start slowly - nothing more than one or two drops of salty water dancing on my cheek. And then minutes - hours later - they are coursing down my face.

I am not sad. I am filled with a joy that no words can explain. I am filled with a need - a desire - I can not explain. I am overflowing with thankful words that can not escape my heart - no matter how many words I spill onto the paper.

I am there........... where I have dreamed of being......... a hidden place deep inside that I never thought I would reach. But I am there now. and the tears come.

They startle me - these tears. I catch them on my tongue - like a child catching snowflakes. They are warm - like the warmth I feel each time you take me to that place. They are sweet - like the sweetness I experience with each stripe and welt and bruise.

These tears are just a cleansing......... a welcome relief....... I am where I belong.

I am home.


Florida Dom said...

Sounds like the tears were good for you.


Me said...

Wow, so beautiful

anna said...

It's hard to explain, but I think everyone who has felt it understood your explanation perfectly.

Welcome home. So glad you made your way there.

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