Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Over these last 5 weeks of playing with S&S I am aware of a definite schedule of events happening.........

I had to give it more than a week or two... thinking it was coincidence... but after 5 straight weeks of the same things happening.. I am fast coming to the conclusion this is a pattern.........

Day 1 - Saturday - We play - hard. very hard. scary hard (to some folks who watch and comment)

Day 2 - Sunday - I snuggle - I tend to my ass which is always marked - I take long bubble baths - sometimes I even masturbate - I am partially focused but still pretty dreamy - usually S&S drop by for coffee to check up on me

Day 3 - Monday - much less dreamy - the ass still hurts (mildly) I am much more focused.

Day 4 - Tuesday - the itching starts. Now I have no idea why my ass itches so much on day 4 - but it does. S&S say it is the healing process. By day 4 there are hardly any marks left - and virtually no ouchies.

Day 5 - Wednesday - the body is healed - the mind is alert - and the "beast" inside has begun it's weekly growth spurt. I am jonesing. I want MORE! Sometimes S&S drop by for coffee (adding fuel to the fire ??? building the anticipation??)

Day 6 - Thursday - my mind has started the count down to Saturday. I feel the slow build of anticipation in my belly. The beast grows stronger.

Day 7 - Friday - my skin is electrified - I am jumpy and edgy - I am like an addict looking for their next fix.

This is my weekly schedule......... there is something exciting and fun about it.. There is also something that worries me (mildly) This week the build up to Day 1 is much more intense. My nerve endings feel raw exposed. I wonder how big this beast within will grow.......... will I be able to control it???
I. do. not. like. losing. control.

But then as a friend says - It is what it is. So I guess I just grab hold and hang on tight.


Ordalie said...

Lucky you! At least you do play. I can only dream about it.

Mr Upton Ogood said...

Oh...poor baby...already in a rut? ;-)

It just seems like you're defining your new normality...and it seems to contain fun, sensation, acceptance and contentment. What's not to like? Or are you just bragging? ;-)



PKB said...

I know this is completely random, but you do have the BEST pics. :)

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