Saturday, May 29, 2010


The definition of "predicament bondage" is:
A situation in which the submissive must choose between uncomfortable options.
For example predicament bondage might present the bottom with a choice between two increasingly painful positions

Now I won't even pretend that the goal last night was to put me into predicament bondage...... but on a personal level it was major predicament bondage.

I was under the impression that the goal for last evening had virtually nothing to do with me. I invited friends over for dinner......... and I was under the impression after dinner they were going to go off and play........... (I also had worked out that I would clean up the dinner dishes/ play on the pc / read my book / and if time allowed curl up and watch some television. That was MY plan)

Except it didn't really work out that way.

The submissive (or maybe the friend) in me wanted to facilitate the transition from dinner to play..... plainly put I wanted to disappear. I even offered at one point to go and start the dishes........

BUT what landed up happening ....... ropes were brought out and I was bound. This way - then that way - then another way, as they plotted for a tie that I would not be able to pull a "Houdini".

At first I figured ok tie me up throw me on the sofa... and go play .. come back and see if I was still awake. That worked for me (cheeky grin)

BUT that didn't appear to be their plan....... (though truthfully this morning I am not clear on what the plan was)

I have been tied by the best. And I have wiggled out of almost every tie done to me. (IF I put my mind to it.) The thing is.......... ropes are like living beings ..... they move they stretch they mold. I learned early on that if I didn't fight the ropes, if I simply relaxed into them, if I simply allowed the ropes to caress my body - I could find the weak spot. And having found the weak spot, I could wiggle out of them - most times without even untying a knot.

It was fun last night..... and I thoroughly enjoyed being the brat.. smiling at them while all the while my mind was searching for that one weak spot.. the key to slipping out of the bondage.

I found it quite quickly and wondered how long I could let everything stay in place... how long could I pretend?? The brat won. And almost in less time than it took to tie me i was stepping out of the ropes.

Almost immediately I did not feel good about what I had done. Maybe I should have stayed tied. Maybe I shouldn't have been such a brat !!! After all I can be a pro at mental bondage. Forbid me to enter a room without permission I will stand there till the cows come home, or you decide to see me - which ever comes first.

I feel as though I am caught - a little bit- between a rock and a hard place. I like to please.... I like to be pleasing. I don't always have to be a brat. My mother always used to say - there is a time and a place for everything. She was right.

I am no closer this morning to the answer - did I make the right choice in my "predicament bondage". Probably there is no right answer.

But I am doing some major rethinking on this "brat" personae that seems to have emerged with a vengeance in the last 5 - 6 weeks.

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