Thursday, May 06, 2010

"It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood"

It is indeed a beautiful day in the neighbourhood today !!

The sun is shining..........the body has healed........ (well as far as I am concerned it has healed - the doctor has to give me the final ok this afternoon)......... and I am bored.

Being bored is the very best sign that I have healed - kicked that "i wanna die" virus to the curb. For the last 4 weeks, I have not thought about school once. Didn't even want to know about my lil guys that were left in limbo ......... Today I am chomping at the bit to get back there.. to pull all the loose dangling strings back in tight.. reign everything in.. and get it back in smooth running order.

My mind has been flitting and fluttering over projects/themes for the last 8 weeks of school. My god there IS only 8 weeks left!!! And not just for the school year - but for the entire school. Even though I have only been there since September - the staff, the families, the kiddies have made me feel like I had found a home. And come June 30th - this wonderful school will be no more. There is a sadness in that ending . BUT I know there will be new staff and new kiddies and new families trekking in the doors come September............. and I will be there to greet them... and life will go on.

I was thinking this morning as I drank my second cup of coffee........ basking in the glorious sunlight streaming in my office window......... how I used to hate change..... how I would do pretty much anything to avoid upsets to my routine. But last June when I agreed to the transfer to the new school, that was the beginning, I think, to opening doors on a brand new life... One where I will embrace change and the challenges it brings. I will not sit quietly by and let life flow past me like a meandering brook. NO... I will jump in at the deep end.. with both feet and my whole heart.

Embrace life.

Embrace today.

And enjoy the beauty of it all.


ObsidianCub said...

Glad your feeling better if bored!
Life is truly beautiful in the whole, isn't it?!

drakor66 said...

I will jump in at the deep end.. with both feet and my whole heart.

Now does that mean you will jump in my pool without testing the water? LOL

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