Sunday, May 23, 2010


It was brought to my attention this week that maybe I should write a little bit about this S couple I am currently playing with.

I have heard "stuff" that has made me realize there are a whole mess of "assumptions" going on out there........ and we all know what assume does right?? (makes an ass out of you and me)

So in the interest of not making asses out of a whole mess of people.... I will explain a little bit about the S couple......... if I leave something out.. please feel free to ask more direct questions..........

It was a totally chance meeting at a play party. They were playing with my play party buddy and I felt a sense of....... duty?? (for lack of a better word) to stand and watch and make sure he was ok... be his "spotter".

The week after that we all met for coffee a few times. Talk got around to playing ... and the next event coming up....... and well one thing led to another and I asked if maybe they would like to play with me. The "beast" the craving the need had awakened within me. They said yes....... it was a done deal!

When we played everything clicked.... It is difficult to explain in 100 words or less why / how it clicked... trust me it did. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening... and wondered if there would be more evenings.

And of course - you have all assumed and been right in your assumptions, there have been 4 other events where we have played.

They are sadists........ and they were looking for masochists to play with. My only concern was that perhaps I was not a masochist as that limit had never really been pushed (well not in my mind) Well it turns out I am masochist enough for them :)

Ok so we meet at play parties .... we play... and I come home alone. We have been seeing each other during the week for coffee... we have phoned each other and written emails to each other. We have laughed and talked and laughed some more. A friendship is budding.......... and that dear friends is a good thing.

Now.......... I am not collared to them..... they are not looking to collar anyone. I have not been fucked by them........ they are not looking for a sex toy...... I am not owned by them in any way shape or form. I am "under their protection" which is just an expression that is pretty much self explanatory ......... When we are out and about .........other doms know that I have some one watching out for me... If I play with other doms they know there will be someone keeping an eye on the play.

This is a very good place for me to be right now. I don't want anyone in my life full time. (at least not now - there are still some major hurts and trust issues to repair) AND they know about those issues. One of the nice things about this "relationship" is I can dump my shit in their laps ..and we talk about it...... and they make suggestions and give me their 2cents worth of advice ... AND they have no expectations on my taking it....they just help me sort out my feelings...... my fears (yeah I have some fears) .. my anger (you bet I still have some anger!!) They are helping me heal.. they are my bandaide so to speak.

So - are we all clear on the concept? I am not their collared indentured slave. I am not their sex toy. I am not anything more than someone to play with. My own brand of "friends with privileges"

Now hopefully there will be no "asses" running around out in blog land. And I sincerely hope that if I have missed an assumption you will step up and ask.

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Buffalo said...

Pardon any implied or inferred snark.

What's the deal, morningstar? Why are you explaining something that is absolutely no one's freakin' business other than your own?

You're Canadian, thus a citizen of a reasonably free country. You're over the age of consent. Do your thing.

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