Sunday, August 10, 2008

Missing me yet??

i did not realize when i originally set out to leave posts for each day that we would be away.. how difficult a task it would be... i always seem to have loads and loads of things to say.

Actually i seldom post on the weekends.. leaving the news for the Monday Morning Report..

However as i promised one post per day while we were away.. i could not go back on my word. And as Buffalo so nicely pointed out to me... i had missed the August deadline for the Fictional Journey..... (though i did post 2 in July which i thought should earn me some leeway) i decided that this Sunday i would post an installment to the Fictional Journey... appropriately called The Slave Camp.

And it also seemed appropriate to post this on a Sunday as almost no one reads my Fictional stories.. and almost no one reads on Sunday......

Anyway.. for those of you who do read here on Sunday and do read the Fictional Journey.. i hope you enjoy.........

see you all some time tomorrow !!!!


Buffalo said...

You're gone? Where have you gone? Was in voluntary or is foul play suspected?

Whitesnake said...

But today is Monday!

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